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I have not clicked the trailer or read anything about it yet, but I'm going to have a stab at guessing what it's going to be about:A pretentious documentary about the evils of the industry that abuses the underprivileged factory workers and promotes the superficial?I shall now flip through. And I hope I'm wrong.I recently watched this 'doco' called Get Vegecated. It's the most self righteous steaming piece of turd I've watched in a long time.
Nah, I don't lift. So I need my women to be small.
Speaking of old Bucky. Have I just missed their annual sale?
I heard Soaplands and Pink Salons are simply delightful.
You sound awfully insecure.
On the topic of world economy, don't know about where you live, but over here it was more newsworthy to talk about Greece than the big dive that the Chinese market took last week.
Something something something BLUE PENIS!Because Superman is just a dumb naive boyscout with super powers and Batman is a disturbed paranoid filthy rich genius.If comics are anything to go by, Batman is way in front head-to-head. This nutter is so paranoid of superpower wielders that he has kept backup plans to defeat every single magical bunny in the Justice League in case they lost it.But he will then forgive them.When did this become a national issue? It is a complete...
Suits now days are just not cool without working cuff buttons.
I will just see it as characters reused, in an alternate universe etc. since watchman was written first and was not intended to be a sequel as Mockingbird is more a rework with some ideas originating from Watchman and obviously will contain inconsistencies between the 2 books.
I had some Hush Puppies back in the days (not now because you know most of them are pretty hideous), and they were pretty hard wearing and comfortable. Might try Caterpillars some day, given they're all manufactured by Wolverine anyway.
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