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He did say he has lady friend!But really lots of garlic = what they put in garlic nan bread: I burped and farted garlic for a whole day after eating a couple of pieces of that with curry.
Where are your sense of fun?!
Thanks dude.Also anyone 36 or 44 after an overcoat: http://www.mjbale.com/on-sale/mens-coat-sale/bloomfield-grey-coat-16694That's a bargain @ $200 shipped for 100% merino knee length coat.
How much would a small run of knit front blade with woven back blade cost to produce? A la the old zegna zegna ones a few years back.
We did similar to a new grad of ours.We use mice with those Logitech micro receivers. Swapped out his with my receiver. Wait till he comes back and watch him struggle. Tease him a little every now and then by moving his pointer around a little. Funnest 20 minutes the entire day.
Apologies for the rough sketch. Its only conceptual. But I want to keep it classy and sophisticated so I did quicky on my phone with an attempt on cursive A and M.
I quite like your logo to be honest. Unless you want to rebrand your operation as something decidedly hip and trendy.
Something a lot like that. There might be still a couple left over on a tie rack somewhere at David Jones. They have one for many countries I saw a Canadian flag one too.
Mj bale had been peddling that exact tie for years now though
A tie, with a ned kelly beard print.
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