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Now I'm just imagining a 1 in 3 are oompa loompas running around
If she is Asian, I don't think she would know how to spell "knowledge".
Belstaff Milford, as seen on Benedict Cumberbatch in Sherlock. Now that's a sexy coat. Either that of Benedict is my man crush. Land's End... was so willing to pull the trigger on the vest, but no size S available. Why are there so many small people now days.
nothing wrong with cargo pants either
Does a pair of Onitsuka Tiger mehico 66s count as a shoe? Or a pair of Puma FAAS 300's because those are my most comfortable and well fitting ones.
Maybe because one is derived from "any way" (singular) and the other "all ways" (plural)
Part of it is not the simple lack of communication (not that there is a shortage of place that cannot even manage that) but also expectation setting. A lot of frustration can arise when the initial communication set overly optimistic expectations. When they are not met, well, trust out the window. Even active communication is pointless when your initial say 5 weeks to delivery is followed up by more weekly updates of more delays after that. Better to just say 10 week...
http://www.yoox.com/us/44755290GO/item?dept=shoesmen#sts=sr_shoesmen80&cod10=44755290GO&sizeId= When even triple monks cannot satiate you.
Maybe they used whats left of admire rakti
It is too!
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