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Looks like one of them Tamiya toys. And...
i just farted
R&B has this fixation with having lots of sateen stripes in their shirts.Regarding MJ Bale, in terms of fit they have drop 7 and drop 8, though it seems that they have been focusing on drop 8. For a regular slim dude I think the drop 7 is a very good fit, though right now I feel I am in between the drops as my drop 7 MJBale jackets feel like they are now a bit drapy..With the shirts, $300 isn't all that out of place really. Think of the normal blue label ones that...
United Emirates maybe?
You might be the exception. Still doesn't stop most others looking stupid.
Might fit your wifey now.
That's CBD by Pitti standards. I thought the whole point of Pitti is suppose to engage in peacocking.But those hats. Noone under 60 looks good in a bloody hat.
When you make a big investment and you lose it all. It hurts man.
I hate 2016
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