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Yes there is. well done burger is the same as well done steak - dry and coarse texture on the mouth. Mince meat is just more forgiving as you don't get the tiughness
If it's a day time wedding and if you will spend a fair bit of times outside in a courtyard then that will be alright. indoor dinner better to go with your more safe option. formal probably means that everyone expected to be in a business suit. just keep in mind that you should not out dress your hosts.
to add to that re bargaining, don't be afraid to low ball the stalls because it's pretty unlikely you'll actually be low balling anything since the prices are jacket up so high. Go to first stall and start haggling at 10% of price they tell you. Walk away if they won't lower their price. whatever happens just keep walking as this first stall is just to find the right price. If they call you back then that means you probably can go lower, if they don't call you back then...
Can't tell ya if we don't know what kind of wedding it is, the people who will be attending and what the expectation the hosts have regarding standard of dress and what your role is at the wedding. Without that knowledge you can be massively underdressed or massively overdressed.
fxh I think the heat is getting to ya mate
I gather that the downward pressure of price of suits in general has something to do with it.
Merry Christmas! I turned up to Azzaro today too. I did buy a Su Misura suit and and getting it altered there as well. price for alterations aren't bad. $50 for both taking up sleeves and pants legs finished.
All I got for Christmas was Blue balls
On a more serious note. Has fashion finally begin shifting away from skinny lapels again? Saw a few Dolce and Gabban jackets with wider lapels now...
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