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Along with Hermes Man I am surprised that the references still come up after so many years.
fxh is going the absolutely break down when he sees that new Pixar movie Inside Out then.
That, I have no clue about and probably not publicised enough if it is true. All I know is that labour laws in USA can be a bit weird. In other news... Nicky Hilton just got married to James Rothschild in Kensington Palace (which is not the public loo in the suburb of Kensington) daaaamn. Nicky in gorgeous Valentino haute couture and James in bespoke Huntsman. Quite classy actually.
Doooood, it's also pretty much common knowledge that Taytay is really tall...Bruno Mars is also pretty short though...
As cruel as it sounds, I see cheap labour as a phase that any developing economy has to go through and it is neither good nor evil. Economies need the continual foreign investment in order to build it from the ground up for the future generations. We cannot simply compare our living standards to those of developing nations to illustrate "abuse" or "slave labour", because the alternative is that the economy get 0 foreign investment and the nation will effectively fall into...
Blame of the deaths as a result of Rana Plaza collapse should not be attributed to the fashion industry, but a case of dirty filthy mismanagement and corruption. It wasn't because the workers were forced to go back into work despite everyone knowing it was unsafe, but ignorance due to falsehood spread by a corrupt unscrupulous individual that the building is safe. The tragedy draws parallel with the one that occurred in Sampoong department store in Korea in 1995,...
I shall actually give the doco a go. The problem I have with a lot of these social justice sort of documentaries is that a lot of them are as thought provoking and tactful as one of those "F**K YOU SO-AND-SO" signs at protests.They not only leave no room to consider impacts outside of the narrowly defined scope but also, metaphorically speaking, spit on and brand the viewer an arsehole if they don't agree with the views the film maker attempts to cram down their throats.
I have not clicked the trailer or read anything about it yet, but I'm going to have a stab at guessing what it's going to be about:A pretentious documentary about the evils of the industry that abuses the underprivileged factory workers and promotes the superficial?I shall now flip through. And I hope I'm wrong.I recently watched this 'doco' called Get Vegecated. It's the most self righteous steaming piece of turd I've watched in a long time.
Nah, I don't lift. So I need my women to be small.
Speaking of old Bucky. Have I just missed their annual sale?
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