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Found out tooth paste can strip colour off leather... I used it once to try and clean my pair of high tops... i cleaned way too much off it....
since when was she ever punk o.O
Wonder when will we be seeing "Derelicte" style at Pitti.
I can't even squat what he benches. That guy can probably use me and a clone of me as a set of dumbbells for dumbbell press.
That point is paramount. Be inspired by and not to replicate. It needs to have some grounding on what is the current conventional way of dressing - otherwise you may risk exuding a creepy kind of aura. There still need to be a connection to now. I've seen a few people like that. Nice fellas, but always slightly unsettling.
I got mine from Giordano. $20. 2 years ago. Still going strong. When they eventually give, into the bin, buy another $20 pair (+inflation).
May also stand for "No More Sex" apparently.Also:I think its time capes make a comeback.Pitti Uomo almost seems to the "well dressed" as something like Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras in Sydney to the homosexual community. Crazy flamboyant event with feathers and all, but then go back to their normal lives the rest of the year.
Them beads! Them beads!Speaking of Pitti, while googling NYT pitti blog, came across GQ's article:10 Style Moves to Steal From Pitti Uomo's Best Dressed MenTick off the stuff you've already done or been doing:1. Beanie with Suit Uh. No. Messes up my Asian hairdo2. Wear Tailored Trousers Like a Pair of JeansNever really tried.3. Wear Fingerless GlovesNope.4. Down jacket/vest over suitNope. Nothing new either.5. Mix PatternsLove it.6. Waxed canvas outerwear over tailored...
Just one decent pair of shoes. Just. One. To complete my collection that can cater for every occasion..I told myself that at the start of every year.And seriously, this thread is like the only one in the entire forum where some common sense exists.
Still funny. Like drawing random dicks on pictures is still funny. So still funny.
New Posts  All Forums: