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Oh no she didn't! should have ordered some lindt with your shipment to divert attention! Few hundred bucks of Amadei gone in 1 sitting in front of some day time soap sounds funny though.
Watching the tennis at the moment. Kyrgios is great fun to watch. Everything about him is pretty raw. Not so sure about his attitude though.
re huge cuffs. you can probably find some cufflinks that are a bit tighter fit. re cheap button cufflinks. just buy some mop buttons and sew them together.
Just ordered some TM Lewins from Australian site. With some code stacking, got 3 shirts of "John Francomb Fully Fitted" range and a wool tie for $143.88 with free shipping.
It's a Walk-off!
re:uniqlo. Those process are about 50% more than the proces I paid in hk...
IMO:Dress well, but not fancy.Dress for the occasion.Dress to suit your personality.Dress to suit what you intend to convey about yourself.Dress comfortably.I usually wear a suit and tie around the office.Nothing wrong with white and blue shirts. My default office shirts are white and blue. In fact it's time I go and buy a new batch of white shirts.
Found out tooth paste can strip colour off leather... I used it once to try and clean my pair of high tops... i cleaned way too much off it....
since when was she ever punk o.O
Wonder when will we be seeing "Derelicte" style at Pitti.
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