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Fk them and fk Ronaldo. I bet there was more real heart from the AS Roma crowd of Italians than all of the Real Madrid bandwagoners there. Of them Italians I'd pay to watch I'd put down Totti and Pirlo.And Fk Sterling the little prick.What's not to love about this guy?: [[SPOILER]]
Just started watching Anthony Bourdains Parts Unknown. I was expecting a good show, but surprised to find a show about societies, history and real issues. Watched the China episode, and I have to say I hope that the portrayal of the rich in China as being completely obnoxious, materialistic, and without any sort of tact or sole is not indicative of the growing group of wealthy people there.
I have reason to doubt he ever drinks beers out of the container they come in Apparently it was a chilly morning in Melbourne. Just checked the weather from BoM it said we had a low of 0.6C at 8am? I slept through it anyeay, but surely not.
Well, any organisation where it has a stable monopoly and 0 need for movers n shakers will have a large group of employees resistant to change. These are typified by public service here where everything is by the book and very safe employment with near guaranteed payrise every year.Another example are our energy distributors. They own the grids, government set the prices, their only functions are to maintain assets and bill retailers.You know a place is full of people...
99% of public servants.
How about a maid?
Bullet points are great for getting the information across at a glance... ...if whoever's writing them isn't a frigging retard.
Its black and blue!
Personal choice. Mine is to show cuffs of all my shirts.I think with DBs for us young'uns to not look like old farts we really need to have the jacket cut really slim, and obviously you need to have the body for it too.
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