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no sole definitely does that. I've got a pair of CASUAL cap toe Oxfords. and that's because of the affect of thin soles and no welts.The thick cotton laces in white and the blue hue in photo does it too.
Anything on a tie pretty much means its time to cremate it. Pretty sad but true.
Does say fabric made in Italy though, but then again made in Italy like Swiss made watches can mean lots of things. But, made in China, made in Tunisia, made in where-ever, as long as the quality is there then it's alright.
Hmmm. So my TM Lewin order came... but my oxford shirt is missing. Good thing about TM Lewin is that their call centre is in England so they are still working at this time. They just reordered the shirt free. I got myself a free woven wool tie with the order. Turns out made in China (not unexpected) but surprised to see they use VBC fabric. Not sure what line is the "Special Selection" range is though.
nah. I'm just going to down steaks and chicken breasts and go hard at the gym
Oh crap is it that obvious? I stopped exercising about a year ago and gained 5kg. Fighting to get that back down.
Yup way off :P"Su Misura" (not to be confused w. Zegna one) branded suitand tie from Herringbone.That reminds me that I should go and slap on the Green SF-Au tie again.
As much as I want to respect his attention to detail and use of high quality materials and workmanship and what not, the attitude in the video makes me cringe.
Just picked up my suit yesterday. Not bad for a $450 off the rack suit unaltered besides just sleeve lengths hey?
judging from the look of his his friends in his box... almost feels like bunch of stereotypical douchebag meat heads.But then they might just be the nicest people irl.the rules feel a bit restrictive for me. But that's his rules for his dress so he can do what he prefers.
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