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Worst travel companions right after the ones who would whinge about everything or mos of the times are one and the same people.Dog meat, is in fact quite delicious. They aren't known as the "fragrant meat" for nothing!One tip I get when traveling is unless you're eating at the restaurant in the Sheraton or something that is known to have some sort of standard in hygiene, it is actually safer to eat where you can see the food being cooked so you can see that the germs get...
Blah blah blah blah blah. Church as an institution is just another governing body. No different to any other forms of it. National government, FIFA, Pokemon Association: same difference. You have your share of crooks and political mumble mumble.
Anyone lived in Hong Kong can suggest good living areas that are relatively cheaper to rent but still good access to Central - say under 40 minutes PT journey? Don't want to spend much more than hk$10k a month. Or know someone who had a place to rent?
More importantly, does Auburn do good bahn mi and vietnamese coffee for cheap?
You fellas and the wives you go through. I still haven't gone through my first one yet!
Forget that. Buy this. You get a couch, a car, a watch, and id assume be pretty comfortable to sleep in as well.
You can tell the time with a watch. You cannot tell the time with a couch. You can sit down on the floor. You cannot tell the time with the floor. Buy the watch.
It wasn't all good back in the days either.
So Alec Baldwin likes his Cashmere Brescianis
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