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And by the looks of it, so too is ironing.
Who comes up with this stupid list.Fun socks are still fun. Sneakers are still comfortable. GTFO.
Damn should have screen shotted that. Guy was offloading a Daytona $300 with description "not sure if it's real or fake but looks exactly the same as real".
Someone say Rolex?? http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/dingley-village/accessories/rolex-daytona/1102565235
Tay Tay all the way.
Always reminds me of this:
Havent been outside all day. Caught a cold.
One for investment another to live in. Looking at some currently dodgy but closeish suburbs and hope in some years time gentrification takes its hold.
Then we're back to CBD. Le sigh.
2 minute noodles way too expensive.
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