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I have a pair of white blue stripe seersucker shorts I intend to wear with a db jacket. That count?
I'm a big fan of MJ Bale if people haven't already noticed, because they are one brand that I find that fits the way I like especially on the shoulders. They are stupidly cheap when on clearance too. I have a pair of their off white chinos for $10.
I rather a car than have to endure bus tours. Driving in Tassy is quite comfortable where everything is within 1 hr drive from another area you might want to go with a lot of places within 30min. eg. top of Mt Wellington from Hobart is under 30minutes - Hobart is tiny and pretty much built on the base of the mountain. Tassy is a pretty small place, you can easily get between Hobart and Launceston inunder 4hrs including piss breaks.You really need a car to get the most out...
Milk, yogurt, farm made ice creams i overloaded on that stuff there even though I'm lactose intolerant. did have a look at the whiskey place in the same shop as BISH. Drive through huon valley but doesn't look like the apples and pears are in season. Same deal with berries. I pigged out in huonvilles's Cats Tongue Chocolatier on the way back from Masaakis for sushi - one of the best sushis ive had in australia actually and crazy cheap at $30 a head.
Just came back from tassy trip for the first time. That place is bloody gorgeous. Cape Tourville lookout and being surrounded by little wallabies while having lunch at mt fields national park were definitely highlights. On the food front, Captains Catch in St Helens served the best oysters I've ever had and a good deal at $17 a dz, Get Shucked on Bruny Island also great and at $9 a dz if you take home and do your own shucking absolute bargain. Had the pleasure of trying...
Except that Gerrard was better.
My experience with men's wear section at djs to be pretty good not tbh. That is with gents up on the suits floor anyway and not the ground floor.
I already have a missus but thanks for the recommendation. They also offloading jackets for 159-199 each. Worth a look. Slim pickings for my sz36 though. And even worse if after a DB jacket. I was hoping the sz 38 db is a short drop 8 but bah no it isn't.
Bro you expect way too much from Australian retail.
That was a great result! Liverpool thrashed Chelsea at Stamford Bridge.
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