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Oh and The Armoury looks a bit cosier than I expected
More Shit that I cannot afford.
Naaaaah. Whatever womanly advice most women give you, do the exact opposite.
My preference is to have peak lapel with everything. Suck it fxhy!
I think they run the "further % off everything" as well.In other news, I am proud to announce I haven't bought a damn thing since Boxing Day.
@38 seems a bit on the mild side. Did not necessitate turning the air con on.
No, we are not talking about Swims.
No. I'm a Topy progressive. The marriage of rubber on leather is fine by me.
I am a bit of a fence sitter on the topic of abortion. It is really not that clear cut as the 2 extremes would like to lead you to believe. Ethics is a bitch of a topic to tackle with everything.
I'm a bit concerned about what suit to bring as I have a brown worsted and a medium grey small checked light tweed suits in my normal rotation as well as odd navy double breasted and odd navy linen jackets.On the accommodation front I think its best for me to find a shared apartment which may turn out better for making friends. There seem to be rooms available in 2 bedroom apartments going for $8000hk/month which is probably my best bet. They are around Wanchai and...
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