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I always wonder about the history of food preferences of general population. There is no shortage of cuisines that involve cooking anything and everything and well food meat was always food for the privileged and thus the rest of animal is eaten by peasants. How did we come to be digusted by anything but chicken breasts, pork chops and steak?
Stir fry croc meat it's alright, a tougher meat. I find ostrich too gamey. Tried them at a bush tucker stall in burger form. Snake also chewy, but bones make good flavoursome stock and skin salt and pepper deep fried is ace. Roo and wallaby are great when done good. Haven't tried horse. I am quite adventurous with my food. I've eaten things even a PETA moderate would murder me for.
Blake, on the whole, is in no way inferior to Goodyear Welted construction.
Check out M's Pop Life. Right outside Akihabara station (in Tokyo duh), basement level, down the back.
They don't take VAT out. If within EU the price shown is inclusive of VAT. If outside of EU, then the same price is exclusive of VAT. They cite the additional admin required for overseas orders and also offset by flat shipping rate.
According to CT UK. it'll cost you GBP16.95 for delivery.
Twills tend to be fairly thick.
Haven't tried CT myself but the general opinion is that CT is on par with the likes of TM Lewin. I pretty much exclusively wear TM Lewin shirts which I always buy a few whenever I find any in my size for $25ea . Good beater workwear.
For some insane reason, one day I decided not to even bother crawling into bed. Instead I laid out my 1/2 inch fitness mat in the lounge room and went and slept on the floor. Took a few days to get used to, but damn after that I find that I prefer sleeping on the floor than my bed, not to mention I wake up feeling much more refreshed.
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