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Read wikipedia on her and her brand. That brand is as relevant now as Hawe and Curtis is now on jermyn street. What's with the cray cray mob?
If you are looking for a large piece of polycarb luggage and don't mind the brand, it's really hard to go past the Kirkland Signature ones from Costco. Made by Samsonite. About $170 now I think.http://reviews.costco.com/2070/100027930/samsonite-corp-kirkland-signature-29-hardside-spinner-by-samsonite-reviews/reviews.htmSeems a bit too big for most airlines in the good old US of A though.I took mine across China couple of years ago and it was uneventful.
Only when eating at the fat duck
What?! Koreans been streaming star craft for gazillion years
Eating meat, I can understand. Vegetables, I am not so sure it is worth watching.
Aquila has come a long way in the last couple of years though:
Some trousers size the waist to fit 38 waist others size that the trousers themselves measure 38. That's my guess anyway.I only just encountered the thigh problem in a major way the other day. I usually wear 30-31in waist. Depending on the cut sometime (eg Uniqlo non-stretchy jeans) the thigh can be a bit tight. But I tried a pair of the Brent Wilson size 30 shorts the other day and I could not literally get a leg through them. That brand is designed with anorexic children...
I don't get why women in a duffle coat and a scarf just instantly make them 10x more attractive.
Go to David Jones if they have a shoe department in S.A.. They should have some decent looking dress shoes you can try. Especially this time of the year, you might chance upon a bargain in there, otherwise you can use that place to get a general feel for what your dress shoe size is. Their own brand Milana tend to be on sale a fair bit. They also have ted baker, kenneth Cole stuff which not many here would consider, but a couple of their shoes are quite alright in style,...
The power of google. You need to google more sexy stuff so you get sexy banner ads.
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