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Was interested in Suit Supply, but last I checked, their sizing starts at 38...wtf.I don't think MJ Bale deserve flack for these bold pattern choices. C'mon, you're giving them flack for this then you give them flack for recycling the same old POW suits every Autumn. I am all for fun fabrics options.On something unrelated: When the hell did SF sell themselves out? It used to be just ad banners from direct affiliates, now it's random google ad banners all over the place.
Rubbing my hands with glee. Imagine all the heart attacks guys in the MC side would have after seeing this thread.
On MJ Bale, if there are still any stock left, since DJ no longer a stockist as they now moved to Myer, all MJ Bale suits are deeply discounted and you'll the get nice heavy hangers they have with it too. I actually got my suit early last month for $300 which isn't a bad deal, especially the only thing that needs to be done with MJ Bale for me is to have the pants finished.
Good to hear you've expanded!
I think those need meds.
As the above transaction involves not an insubstantial amount, I can offer my service as a trusted intermediary for the exchange. It will however incur an administration commission of 2%.
Not so much inappropriate, but less coordinated. The 3D broguing and chunkier shoes go better with flufflier thinker more textured winter fabric more than summer fabrics.Country/city appropriateness is just typical SF smugness. What century do you think we're living in?
Your boobs.You can tag now? The technologies!
Well they aren't exactly a multibillion dollar business will huge costs to maintain its business.A strip of tanned leather with a buckle doesn't really cost that much. I'm expecting it to be a single strip anyway with no backing.
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