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My preference is to have peak lapel with everything. Suck it fxhy!
I think they run the "further % off everything" as well.In other news, I am proud to announce I haven't bought a damn thing since Boxing Day.
@38 seems a bit on the mild side. Did not necessitate turning the air con on.
No, we are not talking about Swims.
No. I'm a Topy progressive. The marriage of rubber on leather is fine by me.
I am a bit of a fence sitter on the topic of abortion. It is really not that clear cut as the 2 extremes would like to lead you to believe. Ethics is a bitch of a topic to tackle with everything.
I'm a bit concerned about what suit to bring as I have a brown worsted and a medium grey small checked light tweed suits in my normal rotation as well as odd navy double breasted and odd navy linen jackets.On the accommodation front I think its best for me to find a shared apartment which may turn out better for making friends. There seem to be rooms available in 2 bedroom apartments going for $8000hk/month which is probably my best bet. They are around Wanchai and...
Worst travel companions right after the ones who would whinge about everything or mos of the times are one and the same people.Dog meat, is in fact quite delicious. They aren't known as the "fragrant meat" for nothing!One tip I get when traveling is unless you're eating at the restaurant in the Sheraton or something that is known to have some sort of standard in hygiene, it is actually safer to eat where you can see the food being cooked so you can see that the germs get...
Blah blah blah blah blah. Church as an institution is just another governing body. No different to any other forms of it. National government, FIFA, Pokemon Association: same difference. You have your share of crooks and political mumble mumble.
Anyone lived in Hong Kong can suggest good living areas that are relatively cheaper to rent but still good access to Central - say under 40 minutes PT journey? Don't want to spend much more than hk$10k a month. Or know someone who had a place to rent?
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