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The single major problem I have with the cut is how they narrowed down the shoulders pretty much 2 sizes down. If you look at the image in the link carefully it's so narrow that there the jacket collar isn't even sitting on the shirt collar properly. It's just gaping.
Anyone tried the new Drop 8 DB jackets from MJ Bale? I finally got around to try themat Myer yesterday and it fits... weird. So weird that I thought they put the wrong size label on it. The one I tried was: http://www.mjbale.com/clothing/all-jackets/dawkins-indigo-jacket I'm normally a size 36 and given that I have lost 5kg in the last 2 months, I'd expect to be swimming in their size 38. But the jacket fits like a very slim 36... Shoulders are really narrow where most...
Someone with balls. You fellas need to be a bit more adventurous. PoW check is actually not all that adventurous.
Back in the days, I once was at a job interview for Bank A. Interviewer asked, "If you have a choice to pick what bank you want to work for which would you take?" And I replied: "Bank B"
Reminds me of Hong Kong in the early 90s.
Ah performance appraisal time of the year again.
I hang my jacket over my shoulders and put my arms through the sleeves to preserve the sleeve shape in the office.
Huh? I have always imagined fxh to look like that.
There is a hitch with patterns with a similar reason to stripe = schoolboy argument.Depending on the pattern, especially certain geometrics like diamonds, to the younger crowd they are very much old-fogey-like. Think all the pattern ties that you see left at op shops everywhere.
Are the problems regarding random people asking about what regiment etc when a repp tie is worn mainly fro the older fellas? I have never experienced such a thing myself and thought the world would have moved on from that.
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