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My pant crotch wear out really quickly as a couple of suits are now in danger of become orphaned jackets. I suspect that it turns into this when I'm not looking:
The problem with overseas investment is that with not having been part of the culture, they are unable to appreciate it and will see it as just that: an investment.The investment would fail to see what all the fuss is scott and believe they are merely tearing down an old outdated hut to be torn down for something bigger and better.
What jman said. Plus its on sale and im the resident cheapskate. And I can take it in store when it arrives for free hemming.
Just ordered one of these from Uniqlo. Will see how it goes: Uniqlo X Lemaire Wool/Cashmere trous with side tabs.
The interwebs.Also could have saved yourself $890 if you just stuck your rabbit ears antenna out the window with a couple of VB cans on it.
I just saw that Japan Uniqlo now does shoes too. I think Uniqlo can soon become the only store I bother with when it comes to buying casuals.
Hey coxy, do you have a concert or know of a concert that will occur on the 19th December? Looking to plan something for the weekend prior to Christmas. If you got any ideas, thanks in advance.
Tartare: what a gentleman cooks when he's too lazy to cook (or can't cook).
On the topic of haircuts, I believe that its completely wrong way around that women should receive so much more attention and style choices and pampering of their hair than men. For God's sake most of us will be bald for the 2nd half of our lives!
I got a twitter update from ABC saying Black Friday crowds this year is comparatively thin. Guess they fought on the internets instead - fought against website meltdowns that is. I know that Neiman Marcus timed out for a while.
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