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Please don't go there again... we've been over this already, last week.
Proportion to what?
The quality may or may not be there, but there is definitely psychology aspect to it as people regard their own creations higher than they objectively should - that's one reason why Ikea is so successful.
More of the same again today. I surprise myself how cbd I usually am.
Except the watch won't kill you if it decides to malfunction.I have read up on these tourbillons and they are quite capable. Obviously no where near in the same league as JLC master tourbillon and the likes, lacking in the precision and the finish of the pieces but they are certainly reliable enough. Plus, prices for Swiss watches are inflated on reputation alone. We all know, for example, Japanese movements aren't in anyway inferior to Swiss, Swiss is just more marketable.
Having a watch itch again even though I know I only wear watches once or twice a week. Looking at the British horological institutes BHI150 tourbillon for $700~...
I'm no expert but I flipped the leg inside out and the stitching seem quite well finished.
Myer has lots of GStar jeans on sale for $57... You can find reasonable prices every now and then...
K Mart.That books sounds like the author's the one with the problem actually.
It all comes down to offering products that can be differentiated from the others. You simply cannot get away with charging a premium price for the exact same shirt as a $20 one. Right now I can pick a shirt from Saxony and likely find one just like it from Politix, Blaq, industrie or a number of other Australian brands.The reasons for why the likes of Zara is flourishing in Australia is not limited to supply chain efficiencies from it's structures. From it's collection to...
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