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I knew a Canadian fella who thought -5 is warm and rides his bike through it in shorts.
^^ all the while our taxis are Ford Falcons, Holden Commodores and Toyota Priuses.
Why do you think I got rid of all my RMW? Get the hint?Just tried on my new $10 Cotton/Flax Chinos. Best $10 ever spent on a pair of trousers.
I believe these licenses and what not are just ways industry groups and government try to control the market and generate more revenue. To obtain a taxi permit it costs something like $200k in Australia. With the Uber model, it gets bypassed and on top of that the taxi industry is cry foul because they had to pay the 200k.A driver's license proves you have some sort of driving ability.A taxi license doesn't proof squat other than you are part of some industry group. Taxi...
Depends who you're dating - if it's fxh, the problem becomes how to get him off you."Stop the Boats!" says Mr Abott"Let them come," I say, "and let them take fxh on their way out!"
Bro, what is first base. We play cricket here. When we go we put score on the board, or go out trying.Btw just got a new pair of mjbale chinos for a tenner at David jones. And when did they start stocking Lab by Pal?
That's not the way to treat your wife, bra.
You'd certainly look worse than that if you strike the same pose in a buttoned up suit.
The left over Barbour stock at David Jones is like $50
Not this again! ITS BLACK AND BLUE!!!
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