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Politics is a career for politicians. And what politicians do is politicking. They are more concern about their own careers than the people. They are more concerned about staying in power or getting voted in than the people. That us why it's all mud slinging and self pats on the backs than talk about policies in parliament. That's also why the focus of the parties is always about how to survive the next election.And that's why that with in a party, they frown upon any one...
“The position of prime minister is a gift of you the Australian people. You have the right to hire and only you have the right to fire.” - Hockey said that...
I believe most people's internal philosophy is to support the party that is most likely to give then the least financial burden.
Whelp. I've had enough of this doggone politics thing. Have we now officially switched Prime Ministers more often than Japan?
Johnny Depp's new fragrance is Summery.
I haven't got a clue about what you guys are on about . At. All.
Makes it easier to identify the dumbasses in the lot, actually. Also I have noticed a lot of times when I type "tomorrow" in certain applications, the word turns into a link that pops up to the date you actually mean when you roll over ithe word.
I spot 1who's not even wearing a tie!
http://www.luisaviaroma.com/index.aspx?#ItemSrv.ashx|SeasonId=61I&CollectionId=VOO&ItemId=1&VendorColorId=MzAx0&SeasonMemoCode=sale&GenderMemoCode=men&CategoryId=&SubLineMemoCode= ... seriously? Those underarmour compression gear becoming fashion tees for girly men now?
I was referring to the rail tram and bus union actually.
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