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50/50 chance that someone behind the wheel can't drive for shit?And why the fuck am I getting pregnancy test banner ads now?!!
Given that we sometimes even pay a premium on Australian goods sold here vs overseas, the safe answer is yes we do pay a premium.
Where can you actually try SS stuff out in Australia anyway? My main problem with suit jackets have always been with shoulders which is quick a worry if purchasing stuff without trying first.
Fucking cyclists on busy roads in a fucking group like it's a peloton. No, you wankers are not in a race, don't have a fucking chat in your leisurely ride. Single file or gtfo the road.
If it's too big they call it relaxed fit, if it's too tight they call it fitted.They're basically the same as dodgy used cars salesmen.I personally prefer if I try something on and it's crap, the sales guy tell me it looks awful.
Now I want to get an air car.
Good news everyone! Just saw on one of those google ads in one of the banners here that there's extra 25% off all suits from Macy's - this includes collections by Sean John, Ryan Seacrest and the one and only Shaq!
What, in an email, instead of a simple "Hi SoandSo"?
Agreed x2. That pic is atrocious. Waistcoat exposing shirt and a belt to boot with trousers that need to be pulled up (either that of that waistcoat is way way too short, maybe bit of both). MJ Bale items are not comically short though compared to say Zara and the likes. They are however probably about 0.5"-0.75" shorter in the sleeves to what seems to be standard. Which I do notice because a short little Asian like me did not have to alter the sleeves for once with...
Couple of other things you should also consider are:- discovering your own silhouette preferences (this will help zone in on specific lines in specific brands that you will purchase from as well as MTM providers)- your suit wearing habits and purposes (helps you collate your suit collection)As for me, for example, as much as I enjoy putting a suit on, I find it only relevant on my Mon-Thurs. And as much as I can appreciate and respect fine workmanship and cloths, I am more...
New Posts  All Forums: