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CD your other team members need some gentle encouragement.
Yes. You missed by bout 1hr 20min
http://shop.davidjones.com.au/djs/en/davidjones/silk-mix-v-neck Looks like a decent deal for $74 gift wrapped and stuff. Christmas gift sorted.
I do understand that cargo would look pretty wrong if going for a sleeker look as you get flaps and stuff sticking out left and right. Chunky look with a heavy jumper and jacket would be ok.
I actually have 2 pairs of slim cargo flannel trousers. Love them. The pockets are internal ones though so they're not bulgy. And one of them use jetted pockets.And serves you right for jumping on the shoes so late.
This is precisely why stupidly short jackets are fail and no idea why people are still selling that shit. Make you look like humpty dumpty. That and the model wears 1 size too small. Do shops even QA their photos?
I see that as the opportunity for the ultimate form of sprezz. Sprezz out of necessity.
I guess so, J. But we have had sales during this time of year since forever. Having to follow suit and calling it by US conventions is a bit disappointing, not so much you but like DJs where it is peddling wares to a purely domestic market. It's our exposure to US media that has influence kids nowdays to the extent that they are dialing 911 for emergency services and knocking on our doors and annoying us for "candy" on the last day of Octobers.
Another PSA. David Jones is starting their "Black Friday" (I swear we are so far down the Americanisation path now we might as well start dropping the letter 'U' from our spelling and start calling 'Autumn' as 'Fall) sale. Right now it's 50% off price of already reduced stuff for DJ card holders and then for allpublic tomorrow. This means Pantherellas can be had for $7 a pair.
Call me a pansy, but I enjoy Innocent Bystander Moscato down Heasville way. Good food too. And the drive through the forest to Marysville is very pretty.
New Posts  All Forums: