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Thems are really expensive sneakers
Probably better to go to SW&D but has anyone know where I can find a pair of sneakers like these:
^^ cheap nylon ftw Speaking of cheap stuff. Considering getting a couple of those Sili Forever Ice watches from redemption. Not bad looking diver style tbh. Not sure why shops sell them for $130 each though. They are just cheap Quartz with Miyota movements.
^^ The buttons and Made in Sri Lanka label looks pretty real to me.Wouldnt worry about the 'blue label' sticker since Australian labels may have slightly different wording and PRL can be called blue label anyway.$100 for that polo is kind of steep though tbh. Outlets tend to polosm for about $50.Still not a fan of the quality though as their ribbed collars are notoriously easy to curl up.Just got my chinos today and damn when they say slim fit theyre reaaally slim fit. I...
^^ Asos isnt getting enough love here. Was looking at that pair of trousers myself actually, but don't know if they are lined or not so didn't jump on them. Went with a pair of copper coloured chinos for $19 shipped instead.
Been doing this for a change. Not sure how well this working to be honest. Navy linen jacket White oxford shirt Charcoal pinstripe trousers Wine socks Brown caps.
having slimmer sleeves is cause of these wrinkles
Also for anyone interested, Grenson for Asos navy suede desert boots are on sale at Asos for $160~. Sizes 8AU+
Protip: If you go clubbing with your suede shoes, no amount of spray will save them.In other news, actually browsed Myer's watches section tonight. To my surprise, the very first men's watch I have ever seen with a MOP dial happens to be a Kenneth Cole one... kind of sad really.Hilfiger shawl collar, 1b, 2 vent dinner jacket $100 on Amazon... sounds tempting for an item I'd be surprise to wear more than once a year...
When was this?!
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