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5mm is half a size bro. Demand them to cover return shipping and return them.
When I think tassel loafers, I think a portly old man who also happens to be wearing a 4"+ wide madder tie. Unless it's a pair in suede and in an FU colour.
I don't think Taylor swift is a homosexual and I take personal offence to referring to Taylor swift fans as being of homosexual nature. Gezza, I've just being really busy to do anything lately vlining everyday for work.
Me thinks they don't really care. You think upper management don't get shitfaced themselves? They get shitfaced with clients all the time. Just another thing they can use as an excuse to try terminate your employment when shit goes down. Get shitfaced, and poast on forvms. Stick it to the man! And Gilly was 10x more entertaining to watch than Punter ever was.
bugger, looks like I've just missed another catch up. what has been happening lately? I am still down in bogan village for a while, missing out on the goss.
Lol lots of angry people around
catchoftheday, but on a much larger scale. Nice!
I was checking it out earlier to see if any of their suiting be on sale. speaking off sales, got myself one of the mj bale knit ties on 25% off sale Sunday. now the men's shop decides to have 30 off site wide and$20 sign up voucher. damn it!
puny asians are not compatible with just about any brand in Australia other than the ones that offer million different slave lengths per neck size shirts. in terms off suit sizing,mj bale probably as close as you can get to right jacket length of any brand that's half decent and not offering multiple lengths.
Romps camo mocs just reminded me of a pair I was looking at at Zara last weekend, which reminds me how I find it really difficult to want to pay more than $100 for drivers. I pretty much scoff at how much they ask for a pair of Tods... What gives?
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