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Apologies if it sounds like a bit of hijacking, there should still be some left over mjbale navy and black peak lapel suits with tabs and side strips. About $350. Obviously different cuts. At David jones melb
The combination of lower aud and that it's simply not cost effective to collect these taxes should be enough reason for government to maintain the position to not tax it. There's no incentive whether financial it political for the government to do so.
Everything sold out. And bloody hell big coats for $20 too
I enjoy a creamy soda with fish n chips now and then
1200 would not really be worth it for the kind of suit you're getting. That's getting to mtm territory which opens up a meeleeun more style choices for you. Mj bale I say is fair for 500 if you're desperate for a suit.
Being Australian, I only know/drink Bundaberg. No friggin clue how Ginger Ale is not suppose to taste like, or what those other names you're on about.
Mixing stripes of really different widths. One of the rules SF harps about on how to deal with patterns. Also one of the few SF rules that is not just pure wankery.Also you know you've dropped the ball a bit in keeping up your dress standards, when you turn up to work one day after making a little bit more of an effort and everyone asked you whether you got an interview.
Read wikipedia on her and her brand. That brand is as relevant now as Hawe and Curtis is now on jermyn street. What's with the cray cray mob?
If you are looking for a large piece of polycarb luggage and don't mind the brand, it's really hard to go past the Kirkland Signature ones from Costco. Made by Samsonite. About $170 now I think.http://reviews.costco.com/2070/100027930/samsonite-corp-kirkland-signature-29-hardside-spinner-by-samsonite-reviews/reviews.htmSeems a bit too big for most airlines in the good old US of A though.I took mine across China couple of years ago and it was uneventful.
Only when eating at the fat duck
New Posts  All Forums: