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Mmmm 30 different models 10 of each?
Dudes. Now that Katrina's is long gone where is a good cheap place to get simple alterations done?
Must have been the weirdweather today.
Mate we both know I dont wear jocks.
Damn 2000. I look for below 200
This is a Uniqlo collab with Lemaire a Frenchie who once headed Hermes so the styling is a bit different.Uniqlo comes with free hemming and +$6 for blind stitching.
Linc you work in a mental hospital don't you? what with all the weird convos you had and all that talk of "mente".
If you're going real low you can even get a pair from Rivers and theyre 40% off everything at the moment.
Just received my dark green 90wool/ 10cash Uniqlo x Lemaire trousers in the mail from the sale @ $80. The fabric is a really thick flannel that despite blended with 10% cashmere is still a bit scratchy and nowhere near as smooth as my pair of buttery VBC flannel trousers (which was also ~$80.from Japan). But in terms of fit I think it is pretty close to what I like: Good rise (hitting right on my navel), comfortably slim around the arse and thighs, tapering to a pretty...
Is hc no longer an affiliate?
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