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That song is classic
I just bought myself a pair. Haven't ever bought one but turns out surprisingly comfortable. A size too small though
Point-ends remind me of condoms.
I think knit ties are on the way out again in terms of fashion. I don't think it really caught on this cycle to begin with. It's pretty damn hard to find a knit tie from DJs any more. Where as there were heaps just a couple of years ago. Not enough people appreciate the knit square ends I think.
Were you one of edels old girlfriends coxie?
MJ Bale Bloomfield Wool overcoat now down to $144. This is bargain territory now. size 44 and 36 left.
Need Melbourne event
no matter how you say it, it's still pink.
Oh I walked past them down Bourke Street Mall not too long ago, they looked disappointingly normal that day.
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