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I think the $500 was American Tailors thing? Just referring to the pricing of the shoes by CJ since their rise in popularity
Holy shit, since when did cjs get so expensive? I remember few years ago they were $500, and $350 on sale.
Wow,I remember this from yonks so too and I stand by my previous comment: why does it even matter?!
What doI do to get the extra 25%?
Just looking at Herringbone's return policy: " Items purchased on Sale are unable to be exchanged or refunded under any circumstances." Not sure whether they actually mean that, but regardless I believe they're running afoul of a certain section of a certain law (I really don't know it anymore they keep changing the Act names).
I can believe all this shit, but I don't understand how these people who behave this way cannot see how fucking retarded it is. I did a google, and found that apparently Friend Stealing is actually also a thing! And what makes me really facepalm, is that there are so many women who agrees in the comments with how "friend stealing" is "bad". No, the only thing wrong with this picture is that there are so many insecure, possessive little childish bitches (regardless of age)...
meh only grey left in Small. It's like I am cursed to only buy full price Rhodes and Beckett has a size36/46 Slim "denim" (dark greyish blue) suit for $300. Good staple colour workwear I say.
Why the fuck do women engage in so much relationship bitching politics among other women, or do I just happen to know the wrong women. With me and all the guys that I know, if we like another person in the work place, then we chill. If we don't like them and they are shit heads then we maintain a level of professionalism in the workplace and then not bother with them after work. What is it with these women needing to be all super friends on the outside then turn around and...
The 6A is what I've been looking at actually. Trying to google how dark the grey is. Is it the "Slate" one?
.I might consider accepting his fluids
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