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Bullet points are great for getting the information across at a glance... ...if whoever's writing them isn't a frigging retard.
Its black and blue!
Personal choice. Mine is to show cuffs of all my shirts.I think with DBs for us young'uns to not look like old farts we really need to have the jacket cut really slim, and obviously you need to have the body for it too.
Was the Suit Box on Toorak road?
Oh but you can:https://buy.shareacoke.com/coke.html
I'm sorry. My brain is failing me to produce an equally witty reply.
Fella's, I think this has to be one of the better designed wallets in terms of balancing size and functionality: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/like/261842349743?limghlpsr=true&hlpv=2&ops=true&viphx=1&hlpht=true&lpid=107&chn=ps http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Troika-Credit-card-case-with-money-clip-Night-Sky-/201384068367?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_15&hash=item2ee36d050f Slim bifold card case with money clip.
You mean's protectors deny your shooz the opportunity to develop character?
Interesting to know, bro. I thought some of them shoes are made in Italy as well, or I remembered wrong?Oh you still after old man undershirt tees? Target's selling them for $3 each now.
Well most places with card terminals now have nfc payments. I have enabled my phone's nfc to be used to tap on the machine to pay. I tried once at 7elevenand it worked wonderfully. There are certain apps also available where you can scan your loyalty cards to the app. With Medicare, I think they also have an app for you so you don't need to take the card around with you anymore either. With or without the app, most medical facilities should be able to retrieve your medical...
New Posts  All Forums: