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Haven't made a purchase in awhile, but of the times I bought from Herring, the shoes came within a week.
That's new. I thought there's only sharia compliant finance. To celebrate Easter, might go and rewatch life of Brian. Oooooo this and interesting shoe: http://www.herringshoes.co.uk/product-info.php?brandid=6&shoeid=8717&fp_box_id=6 Herring by Cheaney, tweed tassel loafers. Loake 1880 dark brown suede dubb monks also on clearance at $237 + shipping to up you sf cred.
Their twitter account hasn't been active since christmas and candyman site is gone and so is their Facebook page. In other news, finally made my way to Vic Market to that little belt stall in the middle that's been there for ages. Managed to get a black 1.25" belt for work for a whole 25 smackaroos. You pick your belt blank (single piece full grain), pick your buckle, get measured and they cut and finish the belt. Supports our Aussie businesses. Why anyone pay any more...
I din't think they are getting 100k tax free. I think it is just that with their scheme they can effectively earn up to 100k tax free. But even if they earn only 40k annually tax free, you can comfortably live off that at the moment without being a cheapskate. I do hope they really worked out the numbers though as to whether their $1M can sustain them for the rest of their lives and also support their kid till he can make a buck and move out. If they are just spending...
Someone mentioned Beggar Man Thief went under.On the good old RM Williams, I did not know LV bought half of them which is a bit sad really.
I don't even get why good Friday is called good friday. Isn't Friday the day Brian got crucified?
I wonder if they also set up their blogging activities as a business: one that just keep on making losses for tax deductions.EDIT: ok their blog post explains it. it's totally a US specific tax system thing.http://www.gocurrycracker.com/never-pay-taxes-again/
Is that a quirk in the US tax system? I am assuming that the fiddling they did is in relation to sort of retirement fund contribution which is for when you hit retirement age. But how does that translate to no tax on current income?Regarding the health care though, they are not exactly residing in the US though, so their medical bills would be out of own pocket in what ever country they find themselves in if they get into any trouble.
Should be pretty easy to obtain then if that's all you're after I would think. Mid season sales just started so it is a good time. Speaking of which Adidas outlet also started with their buy 4 get additional 40%off sale too.
I thought lululemon is a women's store?
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