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There's a Zara jacket that's pretty much identical to that hahaha.
I'm surprised that they're not as much talked about as HB here then, as a few fellas here seem to like the old HB Osaka which is the MJB SU2 cut now, and that it's made in Japan. Anyway, if anyone is looking at an MJ Bale suit that's part of 2 for $1000 but only want to get one suit, give me a shout and I will likely get convince to buy one myself - if that offer stacks with the 20% off GQ sale.
The Sage is actually not a bad idea. Too bad the other two are just plain horrible. And $185,000 is a tall ask for something like this...
I'm back for good. Done with Boganville, Victoria. Anything new in SF? MJ Bale is worth a look along with that GQ offer. When did they start offering full canvas made in nippon suits?
Sup peepulz! Waz bin happuning!?
Uniqlo bloody bargains. Ribbed collar polos, cutaway collar polos, button down collar polos, shirt collar polos 2 for HK$199 and fun socks 4 for HK$59.
Work seriously gets in the way of a good holiday....
Is it just that I've been on sf too long and see way too many bb sales or that $1000 for Brooks brothers suit a little too expensive
Unfortunately this Hong Kong trip is mostly business and not pleasure. I only have this weekend and whatever is left after work this next week so Cheung Chau is out of the question I'm on to Uniqlo already. Making my way down to Causeway Bay tomorrow to check out their new flagship store which apparently opened just last week. Will poke around Wan Chai as well, probably another look around Central. I'm staying in Sheung Wan, so its pretty damn close anyway. Really have...
Hello, from Hong Kong! Any awesome places to shop? Walked past Brunello Cucinelli store, didn't bother going in because its (quite) a bit out of my budget. Went into Massimo Dutti expecting half canvassed seems like all fused stuff, went out disappointed. Unlikely acquisition is a pair of h&m linen trousers for HK$149 which is a princely sum of ~AU$20. Will need to find places for decent shoes around ~AU$200 bracket.
New Posts  All Forums: