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Geez ok. My mental fx conversion is stuck in 2013.
$900! What a rip!
Meermin stuff stl in that range. Is it no longer recommended?
I'm more partial to the Onitsukas.Plus I like to believe Elon Musk is the head of some evil organisation like hydra, or Specter or Kaos.
Other people may suggest these: But holy hell, I thought only couple of years ago these shoes only cost AU$400 shipped at full price? These are hitting like $750 now. On a completely unrelated note. I am hating trams now. Back a while ago my pair of Cheaney Signatures got its toe completely carved up by the tram tracks. Now today, the samething happened with my Pediwear Paragons.
Similar price range?
Sneakers are far more forgiving than dress shoes when you get wrong sizing because of all the padding sneakers have and you don't buy dress shoes the same size as your sneakers either. So be carefiul
Navy blazer on grey trousers sounds a business casual office getup...
No I believe the market is definitely small. DM market is an even smaller subset of what you mention as the brands are on the more obscure side as they're not heavily marketed. When high end is mentioned most people think Guccis, Armanis or Ferregamos and Ballys. No one even heard of Lobbs unless they care a bit about shoe manufacturing.
They did too! Now closer to my office. Will pop in tomorrow then.
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