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I am so happy that a single statement on my part has sparkedHah. sounds a bit like fashion is no longer fashionable once it becomes fashionable.
Australian's tend to be pretty damn boring dressers, because we are highly intolerant of styles that are not conforming to the style of "Meh". Look overseas in countries where people put more effort in their dress and have more freedom to dress in styles they find interesting (Japanese youths still come to mind) and you realise how shit Australia is.In this day and age, I am still getting flack for wearing a simple scarf from some people. It is usually overseas...
Bloody hell neopets still exist.
Mmmm itching to buy this actually. In my size, but not sure when I can actually wear a double breasted jacket. http://www.mjbale.com/on-sale/mens-jacket-sale/donnelley-navy-jacket-16967
Asians.All Asians know CdG.Them Asians love to wear them Tshirts like couples sets. (1 with the red heart, the other green etc etc)Makes me want to slap said Asians.
My very first suit jacket became a frankenjacket doing exactly all those things. And it cost $200. expensive lesson. Lesson nonetheless.The number one thing to not do other than trying to fix the shoulders is trying to fix the length of the jacket. Throws everything off. Next comes any drastic waist suppression (a bit of a tuck here and there is alright). If the alterations dude does not get the skirt right, the jacket's going to flare out.
It's only because for all desk jockeys for some reason always seem to like wearing solid satin mustard ties.
She seems to love them trendy Japanese brands.
Apparently that hat is from Y-3 (SW&D would probably be all over it in 2 secs). Lee Lin Chin is too awesome to describe anyway. Very FU in her choices all the time.
Just go buy an espresso-based one instead if you're that desperate for a coffee. Given you're at Starsucks, I gather you are pretty desperate.With that answer, you don't deserve to have friends, fucker.
New Posts  All Forums: