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They do also have certain items that they release every season that I don't expect to sell at all, but I think neither do they, but more of a brand image thibg. Eg the big floral print jackets.
MJ Bale seems to be just churning out 1 drop 8 aftrer another now days. I've lost so much weight now and still find drop 8s snug. Who can actually fit into those?
Michael Buble once again saves christmas after Carols in the Domain.
Pomade... I'm actually amazed at how this stuff slicks a thick head of hair into something so thin and shiny.
Cannot tell you re sizing as non-asian sizing shirts have arms way too long for me, but I can twll you that unless youre desperate for shirts, these shirts do go into "limited offer" $10 off quite frequently.Plus they have detailed measurements on the size guide. Compare against your shirts. They are quite accurate.
Must be the fatty vanity sizing in USA.Reminds me of the sizing of those cheap company polos. I got given a size S by company and I'm swimming in it. I'm going to go ask for a womens size M next time...
What about the daffodils?
I care because 2008. GrrrrrrrrWho is after them lapel flowers? I thought it's also a sartorial fad from a few years ago, but here's a place that sells them: are more Asian fashion brands than any thing though.
Fresh flowers are also overpriced
Make your own. Its cheaper. Especially if you source your materials from your neighbor.
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