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Meh Asian Girls Appreciation Thread much betterer.http://2xuoutlet.com.au/Bargains to be had.
Surely it's worth a try. They're a small business and if you ask nicely and they're not making a loss they can probably be a little flexible about it.
I fully disagree. fxh is a bit of a twat.
Been up in Geelong for work and starting to wear a mullet. Need a good cobbler down here to get topy done and a reheeling. Any suggestions? Bought a pair of Cheaney O'Tooles couple of years ago. Still fantastic condition apart of cuts by concrete footpaths and I wear them like 3 times a week even since I need to carry light. Great shoes for $200~ shipped.
Sorry fellas for missing yet another Melbourne meet up. Still stuck in boganville with terrible Optus 3G coverage, so I barely even got internet. Hope if was all fun last Friday.
Any tobacco suede CJ Hallams at 50% off? And damn, I'm missing another Melb meet up. I am still stuck in the middle of nowhere.
Ryan is hell hot. I would do him if I'm not straight. same goes with the other Ryan of Hollywood.
fellas been to Azzaro lately? thinking about going down to get some of them Sartoria Italias or Antichis on sale. wondering if there are any solid non fugly ones left in 36/46 size.
Hilditch and Key is having a good ol sale atm apparently, but like most Western gorilla sizing, my Asian T Rex arms are too short for their sleeves. I always wonder why shirtmakers stop at 34" sleeves with their 15" collar as standard sizing. Give me 33" dammit!
New Posts  All Forums: