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need to invent an infant/toddler holster around the hip.
dadbod is perfection.Its the perfect balance of sporty, cuddly and all round good guy look.
Worthwhile to throw in the extra pair of trousers with them.I had everything in the cart before I decided that I already have enough suits and when I do need new suits, other sales will be around the corner again. So I closed the window.
No you! 36 is perfectly not weird. Actually just about all the sizes are available for the Mudgee.
Dont forget roaring20 code is working again.
Uhhhhhh. Polarising means there's no middle ground, as in most people either love it or hate it. And I don't get why it is the case.
The next step is obviously the blogger-blue suit. We all has the blogger blue.
I am watching Star Trek: Enterprise atm. I don't understand why it is such a polarising series.
The brass grinder's a bit small actually. Wood chipper probably produce a bit to coarse a grind. I am... seeing AE factory seconds sale banner ads...
More unrelated question: Anyone have recommendations for a grinder/mill that can make an ultra fine grind? Need to grind stuff to a fine white powder. Not sure normal coffee grinders can do the job.
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