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That's not the way to treat your wife, bra.
You'd certainly look worse than that if you strike the same pose in a buttoned up suit.
The left over Barbour stock at David Jones is like $50
Not this again! ITS BLACK AND BLUE!!!
That's why the only shirts I buy are TM Lewins on sale for edit: actually that's a lie. I miss my full cutaway collars
That was actually a bloody interesting read.It's actually surprisingly hard to decide once you get past the funnies of injury caused by sex romp.The fundamental question is whether the employer had made enough an encouragement or compelled her enough to put herself in the situation she was in that resulted in her injuries.In this case, the employer encouraged her to be in that situation because she was compelled to stay in that hotel room after hours.However I don't think...
Which is not exactly the case.The pattern I see is that the more info you give people the more crap they're going to ask.Keep them all in the dark I say.When I do get a child, I shall name him Qlkb'doztlb and it will have the pronunciation of "Bob".
I got this suit on sale:As shown in pic, the peaks are of nice width.I can't remember MJ Bale suits having tiny lapels. Most are in the moderate range.I don't buy into the whole SS being sexist. Inappropriate for mass media, yup. Overtly sexual, sure.
Was interested in Suit Supply, but last I checked, their sizing starts at 38...wtf.I don't think MJ Bale deserve flack for these bold pattern choices. C'mon, you're giving them flack for this then you give them flack for recycling the same old POW suits every Autumn. I am all for fun fabrics options.On something unrelated: When the hell did SF sell themselves out? It used to be just ad banners from direct affiliates, now it's random google ad banners all over the place.
Rubbing my hands with glee. Imagine all the heart attacks guys in the MC side would have after seeing this thread.
New Posts  All Forums: