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Goons and coons will both spell the death of me. Low alcamahol and lactose tolerance.
You spelt both 'spelt' and 'organisation' wrong.
Only realised that the F1 dude who crashed into the heavy crane at Suzuka last year finally died. Real sad.
When is the next election?
Watching golf tournaments is like watching a screensaver involving WinXP background picture... All day.
Speaks true though. Instead of having to witness idiocy from countless people, here you'll only have to witness idiocy from 3.By God!!! They named a strap after them!!:http://www.natostraps.com.au/daniel-wellington-style-navy-white-and-red-strap
What? The penis?
Pics? Though I will be resisting very hard as it is tax time and tax time means that the Guvment want me to pay my HECS. 5 years of university really hurts my wallet
I be like "I eat ice cream from the bucket, whipped cream out of a can all over crispy bacon bits on weekends while I watch TV marathons and I'm still losing weight because I am so hardcore with my work outs. See! I can burn the shit I eat because I'm better than you." etc etc.
Just saw an episode featuring Nari the Korean girl. She is also full of awesome.
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