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I thought it was 'roids.
MDMA... That stuff needs to be distributed to all the warmongers. Let them all hug it out after that.... or so I heard is the effect.
It'll be like Dress for Success for the 1%ers!
Not brilliant at all because they got caught.
which peep show were you watching?
Do all offices look like that? Because that office looks awfully familiar.
Perhaps you are right. He is absolutely amazing to watch.Looking at some youtube videos of old Academy Awards... back in the days, it used to be perfectly tailored black tie attire. What ever the hell happened?
Just went throught some of MJ Bale Facebook posts: This is from August: "The quadruple threat (dance, act, sing and dress well) that was Fred Astaire used to throw his Savile Row-made suits against the wall before wearing them so they had a crumpled, lived-in look." If it's true then Fred Astaire would be right at home in StyFo.
I have a pair of white blue stripe seersucker shorts I intend to wear with a db jacket. That count?
I'm a big fan of MJ Bale if people haven't already noticed, because they are one brand that I find that fits the way I like especially on the shoulders. They are stupidly cheap when on clearance too. I have a pair of their off white chinos for $10.
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