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You are witnessing the evolution of language.
2 charges of dishonesty hey... I didn't know that is even a crime? And why aren't all the politicians in jail yet for it? and: http://www.heraldsun.com.au/business/customer-service-key-focus-as-myer-looks-to-future/story-fni0dcne-1227457810297 Call me a cynical prick, but how many times have we heard this "back to basics", "customers first" baloney? How many times have they gone "back to basics" only to continue to fail at customer service. Man I'm grumpy today.
There's AT hate here? I don't remember seeing.
Fellas, need a real big problem solved. I have suddenly suffered a severe case of chocolate cravings. When I went overseas I usually stock up on Pralus and Amedei and unfortunately my stock has run out. Looking for places that stock them and delivers to Australia. Seems like Monty's the only bloody place in Australia that stocks ay decent chocolates. Curse you QLD!
I'll have a look later today. I haven't bought anything from HB in years now since I started cutting down my budget. Still thought the best deal I had was couple of years ago when they cleared Drakes Scottish lambswool scarf for $50.
They'll fall of the hanger if you don't at least button one of the buttons...Don't think too much into these things. Cotton shirts aren't all that fragile.
Do they stock anu nice knot ties in clearance?
That is interesting indeed. I always thought giant men are a rarity in the land of the rising Sun, let alone one who enjoys the culinary delights of edible insects.
Read some article about sense8 before it was released and heard it's like the greatest show ever. Hyped myself up. Watched first ep. Sort of interesting but did not wow me one bit. Might check it out some time later
Goons and coons will both spell the death of me. Low alcamahol and lactose tolerance.
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