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What up, losers!
whats with the damn ties and people wearing them with the skinny end hanging that far down? Not cool at all, more like compensating. Get yo ties the right length ffs.
Thats because I cant help it everytime I walk around Central.I shall try find a place for repairs this weekend.
yeah the crotch area. already patched one side at home. now the other side is gone.
doh. I realised I just completely worn down the pants of my charcoal suit. where can I get a good for value off the rack half canvas suit in HK and how am I going to use my orphaned jackrt. Its such a waste to chuck out a full canvassed hand sewn suit. Its super 120 plain dark charcoal with peak lapels and roped shoulders.
big polka, camo
I have never in my life seen any people mash the close door button in an elevator as much and as quickly as the fuckers in HK. And to make it more surprising is that the button actually works. I had wankers try to close the damn door on me after I kindly let them on first.
Piss off with that false god!It's:VS
tsui wah is too expensive for daily meal haha.
Landmark. Walk past it every day. Pretty sure I won't be buying it with my pissy salary and expensive rents here. I really wonder whether boutiques like these can survive in oz. Been cha chan teng like the rest of us office peons everyday.
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