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Now imma hafta cut ya down like some overgrown flowering plant
Have you seen the sequel? If not, don't.
Did not forget, simply conveniently ignored.I think we should take warfare back a few hundred years, when the higher ups have to lead the charge into battles.Watched the whole thing. Could not stop wondering whether that collar of Matt's is deliberate.
Wonder if there are courses for men's shoes. but at nearly a grand, that's a bit steep. And I doubt they're giving you prime leather to play with.
All that is no more than the natural evolution of economies really.I was interested in a shoe making class at Centre for Adult Education on Flinders Ln in Melb sometime ago. costs quite a few hundy for it so I went and bout a pair of shoes instead.
There wouldn't be any 36s left would there? At that price top me over the edge to kop it
My excuse is that it's a corporate network and there are a lot of old people in my industry.
I don't know about in the US of A, but funny thing happened the other day. Went to a bar with a lady friend of mine and she got stopped by the bouncer for ID which she forgot to bring.I told him "C'mon man, as if she's not 18! she's pushing 30!" And we were let in. I think that was a sweet move.
I don't get why you think Renee is that gorgeous.
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