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All the stuff that only get show at places like dendy and Nova? I guess the Cinema experience now days are all about special effects and explosions.
Bunch of pessimists.
I think old age has something to do with it fxh
No, he is an unfortunate victim of God's wrath which the Gays have brought upon the world; along with earthquakes, tsunamis, ozone depletion, global warming, HIV, malaria, the GFC and Miley Cyrus.
Wolf of Wall Street is not recommended for a date movie.
Fact of life: doesn't matter how well you dress, how good you look, how smart you are, you ain't shit if you don't have a loud bark.
The world is a steaming pile of shit.
2 more years. give it 2 more years and big lapels be back
galaxy note 3. I take notes with that. I prefer rise that sits just below belly button. too high is dorky and too low my shirts get untucked
New Posts  All Forums: