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You sure what you have up your butt is actually a spine?
Are Vegans all cheaters? While they advocate a vegan diet is the healthy diet, it seems that a lot of them rely on supplements and supplement fortified foods. #1 top of the list is the vitamin B12. There is no source of that stuff in any food a vegan can possibly eat. Are synthesized nutrients organic or natural?
Actually those Uniqlo ones are probably alright. Will need to check the fit. Hope it fits like their linen ones so I can size down to XS to get the sleeve length that I need!
Anyone know where I can get a reasonably priced flannel shirt that won't make me look like a lumberjack or Poiter? So something like a normal shirt but with flannel fabric. The closest one like that I have seen that I can remember is one of them cashmere shirts from Zegna a few years back, but they're not exacty flannel or reasonably priced.
Quick question guys. I haven't paid much attention to the goings on regarding prices of stuff, but has Suit Supply's prices gone up by a stupid amount compared to like 4 years ago?
Me me me! I'm one of those!
Man I love communism. Mmmm: http://www.armynavydeals.com/asp/products_details.asp?SKU=092105B&catid=849&ItemName=Russian%20Overcoat
Sick this weekend. About to go on a Jack Ryan marathon. Although it's completely new and original, started with Shadow Recruit. On to Hunt for Red October now with the Sean Connery Scottish Irish Russian. And Soviet/Russian national anthem is the best anthem on earth. James Earl Jones and his sexy voice... *swoon*
What? Like a Maloo?
Had to Google DAAS... never heard of them.But! I know of all the members that make up the band. weird.On the topic of comedy, the 2 stand out performers I have witnessed live over the years have been Bill Bailey and and Ross Noble.
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