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I thought that's pitbull
That greased hair and mustache should give you enough of a clue.Its subscribing to that hipster bs.But then again how many of styfo guys haven't been taking old clothes and doing their own subpar alterations.
This place got really weird this weekend...
 Joe Flacco ain't an elite quarterback
That's quite a foxy pic
You're either a liar or a homosexual.
I think he misunderstood which he was suppose to employ/deploy.
A lot of pens get dipped in a lot of inks in my company. Everyone knows about everything that went on. Doesn't seem to be detrimental to morale at all.
Having the urge doesn't mean you are giving permission.Plus there are other stuff that can keep a boner without the urge.
Logic would suggest that Nabil, too, must have dropped the charges since you were let free.
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