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I'm waiting on MJ Bale to throw their DB jackets in the clearance section soon, because I believe no one in Australia actually have the balls to wear DB.
They all go in and come out looking like that
Can't go wrong with those when you can get them for as low as $25 a pop.
the APC 'New STandard' looks like a pair of dad jeans.
That jacket looks fully sick.When I was hunting for a belt I didn't end up going all the way to camberwell but vic market stall is pretty alright. Only 20 bucks ish. I think I need to go back to punch another hole in the belt. Dropped 2 belt holes since I got active again.
Bloody SEO is the root of the evil that is destroying the interwebs.
I see the butter as the star and the bread ad simply the butter delivery system.
You are witnessing the evolution of language.
2 charges of dishonesty hey... I didn't know that is even a crime? And why aren't all the politicians in jail yet for it? and: http://www.heraldsun.com.au/business/customer-service-key-focus-as-myer-looks-to-future/story-fni0dcne-1227457810297 Call me a cynical prick, but how many times have we heard this "back to basics", "customers first" baloney? How many times have they gone "back to basics" only to continue to fail at customer service. Man I'm grumpy today.
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