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Russet tweed trousers, friends. Russet tweed.
Sugar Cane 2009 Jeans, size 33. Light, 12 oz. denim, perfect for next Summer. Double ring spun and will develop great character. Plain pockets, pink selvedge line. These were pre-rinsed, so they will not shrink further. With wear they may stretch slightly in a few pressure spots, i.e. the waist. I have worn them for 1 hour indoors. They are these jeans: http://www.selfedge.com/jeans?product_id=476 My measurements are slightly different from those on the site. ...
New Formosas look great. Greg or Kyle, can you confirm that these were done with a slightly higher rise in the trousers than last year's? I think I recall you saying that, but the measurements on the site are the same for the new suits and for last year's.
Interesting to see the discussion turn around a little. I don't think I want to argue for orange and purple sport coats. But I still think that some of the options from Molloy are better than what you usually see, and better than those W. Bill fabrics. There is some value in creating fabrics that make unusual shades more wearable. And if you were, for some reason, determined to get purple (dark aubergine) or burnt orange, those would be good choices. I'm not going to...
The one that I recall was in the raspberry coloured tweed. Definitely a bit bright for my taste. I think the aubergine seems less eye-catching. And it is not hard to match to other colours.You may be right, and I probably won't attempt these. But I still think they could work. They aren't obnoxious, and could even be pretty cool.
Molloy Donegal tweeds have been mentioned recently. I quite like the look of them. They have some unusual shades that seem nonetheless to be fairly wearable. There is a burnt orange and an aubergine. Do these seem "odd" or do they have the potential to be something great that could get serious use? I am also considering this safer option in a cream shade. I don't mind that I would have to violate "northern lights". But is tweed generally better in darker shades?
Do you have more pictures of how this made up? I love the Molloy Donegals. That burnt orange shade is a bit unusual, but I have thought it might actually be fairly wearable.
My necktie collection has now been significantly enhanced. Among other beauties, it will include the No one in this thread should wear mediocre ties again. I also gave in and got the Heschung chukkas. It had to be. I can't really keep doing this, but I feel no regret. I'm glad I haven't wasted time on "no purchase" pledges.
BNWT Epaulet Trousers, size 33 in the "Rudy" fit. These are made up in a lightweight cotton that can be dressy or casual. The gorgeous "walnut" colour has great depth and can work with almost anything. They are in a lighter weight, perhaps 7-8 oz. They are great for Summer, but the colour makes it easy to wear them in three seasons. In a warmer climate you could wear them year round. I am only selling these because I already have another pair. This fabric sold out...
Returning, again, to the chambray Doyle, I can report that my nuking operation was also a success, sort of. Mine now has a fit and also a shape that is much closer to the standard Doyle. I have another Doyle in olive, and what I had noticed about the chambray was that the shape was not quite the same. Nuking it definitely fixed the length, but it also brought the shoulders in just that little bit. This is a trim-fitting garment and I have been doing pull-ups lately. ...
New Posts  All Forums: