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Someone should pick up that briefcase. I have some regret that I slept on the green version. I hope we see more Croots.
Are all of the options for MTO trousers now up? Will there be more UK sanded canvas?
Japanese woodblock shirt looks good too. I wish I had gotten that.
Yesterday: Emerald green corduroy Rudys, FF cotton-wool SC, Carmina saddle shell shortwings.
Stores that specialise in high-quality denim can sometimes offer hemming on a vintage Union machine, which will give you a chain-stitched hem, as good as the original. If there is not one near you, you can measure your jeans and mail them in. Here in England I use Son of a Stag, in London. In New York there is Blue in Green. Self Edge can do it at all of their stores. And there are other places as well. I think it is worth the effort.
Speaking of Niche, how is the sizing on the mustard patterned "no tengo" shirt? I wear a 40R suit, but often need longer arms in shirts and jackets. (25"-25.5")
Looks great Frank. I may bust out my Doyle today. But I am curious about these Driggs. Aren't you normally a Rudy guy? Did you size up?
Thanks for posting this. I've been holding off on the Gitman shirts, in part because I wasn't sure about the collar. I have assumed that the Gitman FF shirts from a few months ago would also be done with the same Gitman full collar, so I wanted to see those before I ordered more. Is this the case?
Speaking of Butteros, I too have been eyeing the taupe suede. Is the picture on the website a good indication of the true colour? For comparison, I found a different picture on the Buttero website that is described as "taupe". This is NMWA: This is from the Buttero website: I am a little put off by the embossed logo, but the picture from the Buttero website makes it seem less visible.
For those more experienced with the linen shirts, do you find that they fit more loosely than your cotton shirts? Would there be any reason to change the sizing on the order?
New Posts  All Forums: