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Are there going to be more MTO trousers for this season? I know that the suits/SCs are going up soon, but I can't recall what the word was on trousers.
This might be unnecessary to say, but I think the Heschung chukkas deserve some attention. I think many of us were slow to move on the grey ones stocked for S/S, but those of us who eventually picked them up were glad we did so. I love mine.
It sounds as if the GRPs are somewhat slim. I am a 40R, not quite as tall as these other gents but with somewhat broad shoulders/ long arms. Is a L the best choice for me? I don't think I would want it to be too fitted.
F/W Trousers are starting to appear on the site. They look good so far, but can you tell us more about the weight of the tweeds, solid and Donegal? This looks like fair heavy, serious fabric. Not that there is not a place for that; I just want to know what to expect. Of the current choices my eye is drawn to the camel solid tweed and the cream cords. Its is good to see more lighter coloured trousers.
Thanks for the replies. This sounds like pretty serious fabric. I might want a lighter weight, if in fact one was available.GC: if you have any pictures of how this Molloy Donegal made up I would love to see them.
Interesting discussion on tweed. I wondered if anyone in this thread has tried one of Molloy's Donegal tweeds, which apparently have the distinction of actually being made in Donegal. I don't know much about them, but them seem to be on the heavier side. The one below is about 18 oz. I just saw the swatches posted by Luxire. They are offering these fabrics for trousers, although they seem better suited to sport coats. Anyhow, here is one example:
I think it would be difficult to go wrong with that sweater. Denim, khaki, cream, grey, green corduroy, etc. It is a great colour, and it might be my personal favourite so far. I'm just not sure that I am man enough to make this commitment. These are sweaters on a different level than I am used to. But I should decide soon. Kyle is right, these will sell.Sorry if this has already been asked, but is the sizing for the Gray sweaters similar to the recommendations Greg...
My only comment is to say, yet again, that I really like my (taupe) suede Butteros and would certainly buy again. I've been wearing them all summer. They break in well and improve with wear, becoming more comfortable. Mine don't show any streaking. The suede is thick and of good quality. I expect them to last a long time.
With Greg's advice I learned to stretch out the sleeves on my IM wool sweater. It was fairly easy, and it worked as promised. I'm not sure you could do it for linen, but you can stretch wool sleeves out at least an inch.
Good look. Heschung chukkas are very good. I was glad I picked them up with the discount. They are lighter than I expected, more like desert boots. I like them even more than I thought I would. I often have that experience with NMWA.Anyhow, thanks for posting.
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