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Great look. I finally received my cream of wheat Rudys today. I already love the fabric. It is just what I had been looking for. I know it is too late for this year, but it would great to have this or some other off-white flannel for MTO next year.
Some NMWA from today: Begg scarf, Formosa Fox flannel suit, and Tie Your Tie rhubarb and cream tie.
These are the taupe suede. They have a slightly greenish cast in some indoor light, which you see on the NMWA pictures. But in sunlight they look much more grey.
Very good choice. I am quite pleased with mine. But I found that I did not like the rubber sole. It was too squishy. It was like standing on, well, "butta". So I had them re-soled in Dainite. Strong work by the Shoe Healer:
Some Buttero love. Shown here at Wadi Rum, Jordan. The only shoes I wore over the holidays.
Sorry to interrupt, but I have a Formosa question. I picked up the Fox flannel suit a couple of months ago, after trying a couple of sizes. I got it in 48, although I normally wear 40R US. I was very pleasantly surprised by how well the 48 seemed to fit me. I just needed to take the waist in slightly. So this got me fairly excited about Formosa, leading to some additional orders. I've been away over the holidays, and I've just returned to find the black and white...
^^^ could be worth pursuing. But we still need someone to post fit pics of Formosa double breasted. I can't believe I am reading SF on Christmas Day. What is worse, I am travelling (Jordan). But I can report that my taupe suede Butteros were a good choice for the trip.
For what it is worth, I too would prefer the navy nailhead with patch pockets and spalla camicia.
Ten great neckties, little wear. All standard length and width 8-9 cm. Speak, and the group is yours. See pictures for details.
As I recall, the this year's Formosas have a slightly higher rise in the trousers than last year's. When you do these re-stocks, do they have the fit of this winter's releases?
New Posts  All Forums: