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I think this must be the answer. It looks much cleaner. Thanks for the suggestion. Now we just need some a restock of Sal trousers.
I've just received the Eidos Sal trousers. They exceed expectations. But I have a (possibly stupid) question about the side adjustors: am I meant to just push these little spikes through the cloth? It seems as if that would just rip it up. But I can't see what else to do. Sorry to be slow.
The new Heschungs look good. They seem similar to last Summer's models. But has the sizing recommendation changed? the website suggests to order standard US size. But with previous models I have had a good fit going down half a size from my US size (so, wearing a 9, where I would normally take US 9.5).
I have this zip cardigan in Sméar and it is gorgeous. It is a good summer color and not too bright. I am 6'1", and typically wear a size 40 suit size (50 Eidos). For IM I find that the wool sweaters fit me well in a size medium, although I sometimes have to stretch the sleeves. But for linen I do better with a size large. I got this cardigan in large, but this time the fit is a bit bulkier than I expected. It is not far off, and it is still probably the right choice,...
I wore some NMWA items from past seasons today. I quite like this Merz sweatshirt in ochre, although I'm not sure it was a big hit at the time. I love my Butteros.
I just wanted to cast another vote for keeping Bigi ties at 9 cm. I am obsessive enough to notice the difference between 9 and 8.5, and it is one of the main reasons I really like the Bigi selection. I might not buy them if the width were 8.5, certainly not if it was 8. I agree that a wider tie is better with wider lapels. The other reason to buy them, of course, is that they are excellent. If they are not selling then guys in this thread need to look again.
The new Formosa suits seem to have slightly different measurements from past seasons. The shoulders seem a little narrower. Has the basic fit been changed?
I'm still looking hard at Eidos. I would like to try a suit, but I would need a 48 trouser and 50 jacket. If anyone out there takes a 50 trouser and 48 jacket, pm me and we may be able to work something out. The grey/brown glen plaid, perhaps?
Thanks TO. No, I went TTS on these. I believe that was Mike's recommendation. It was the 100% linen on the EFF that he recommended sizing up for. I am indeed a Rudy man. These seem to fit comparably to other fabrics. I do recommend this cotton-linen blend. I can't see what's not to like.
Warm weather arrived today so I took the new cotton-linen trousers out for a spin. I've been won over. And in case you were considering the burnt orange color, I think it is pretty understated and wearable. Nothing to fear.
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