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For what it is worth, I have the loden suede jacket and I would certainly recommend it. It is not too warm, so great for Fall and Spring. The pig suede is tough and durable, as advertised. I sprayed mine with Invulner in case of rain, but I don't think it will be a problem. Get it. I can't make up my mine about the Samuelson windowpane. It is certainly a great price. But I'm not sure how much wear I would get out of it. It just doesn't seem all that versatile.
For what it is worth, I picked up the "sage" Butteros recently, if that is the tan you are referring to. I can't see why these are not selling. At $135 you can't lose.For the record, I went down a whole size. I am 43 TTS and bought the 42s. The fit is very good.
Nice. What fit is that, and can you comment on the sizing? TTS? The length looks slightly short, but that seems to be standard.
I finally wore my Eidos linen shirt from Carson St.: I love the fit, and the collar. I am ready for more.
Good choices. I will try to be a little bit original: 1. Oliver Spencer linen madras shirt: A great fabric, great casual summer shirt. 2. Butteros. Taupe suede: I like these a lot. They are less green than they appear, and the logo is not actually very visible. Very comfortable, and they really do improve with wear. 3. Robinson Les Bain trunks: These have been mentioned. Great, great swim trunks. They won't really work for guys with big thighs and ass...
Do you have expected measurements for this elusive 50L? This option might pull me in to the order...
Butteros: I am also US 9.5/UK 8.5 TTS. 9D Barrie last, 8.5 Carmina, 42.5 Vass P2. I got Butteros in 42 and the fit is good. I got the taupe suede and would recommend. They are less green than the pictures on the website make them appear. I think the color works fairly easily with denim and casual trousers. At the moment I am traveling on vacation and have been wearing them every day. They were comfortable from the start, but I can already see how they are improving...
Robinson Les Bains swim trunks, size medium, almond green print. Beautiful, lightweight, and well-designed. The medium size is probably best for a 32-33 waist. I am selling because they are too tight for my thighs. But I have big legs, and these should be fine for most. You can learn more here: http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/mid-length-oxford-long-swim-trunks-almond-green-print-3310.html
Thanks. The sleeves might be just a little long here, but I am only wearing a t-shirt underneath. I'm not sure I would change it. The jacket is also slightly long in the body. I have fairly long arms, so this fit (size large) would probably be even longer for most guys (who wear 40R). What is more noticeable about this fit is that the waist is quite slim. I can just button it up comfortably, and I wear a size 33 trouser. I do like it.
Asbury jacket (non-distressed) and walnut Rudys. Both are better than this picture indicates. But I wanted to capture this moment. This is the first time in my life I have ever worn a denim jacket.
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