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Ten great neckties, little wear. All standard length and width 8-9 cm. Speak, and the group is yours. See pictures for details.
As I recall, the this year's Formosas have a slightly higher rise in the trousers than last year's. When you do these re-stocks, do they have the fit of this winter's releases?
Would love to see more of the coat. Especially if it is double breasted.
I have the Nils chukka and the Genet chukka, and I find that the fit is very similar, if not identical. I went down half a size in both. I wear US 9.5/UK 8.5 and I have them in size 9. There is a little room in the front, but I think that is as it is meant to be. I like both very much, although I am having the Genet re-soled in Dainite.
This deserves a quote. Looks great.Are you not wearing the belt? Can you take it off? Also, from the pictures it looks as if this does not have side hand pockets. Is this the case?
As long as we agree on MOP buttons.
I like the barchetta pocket, but could live with patch breast pocket if others felt strongly. But I think the MOP buttons are what we want.
Yesterday was all Epaulet: I really like this loden suede jacket. Yes, the sleeves are slightly long, but it looks better when I am not robo-posing. With purple gingham shirt, stone UK canvas Rudys, caramel calf belt, and saddle shell Carmina shortwings.
I've just received my bull wool IM. It is less stinky than rumoured. My GRP camel cardigan -- which is excellent -- is definitely more aromatic. But I am not disappointed. Anyhow, my question is whether this bull wool needs a different kind of care. In the past I have stretched out the sleeves of my IM sweaters, which gives me a fairly good fit (I don't think they are too short). But can I wash the bull wool in the same way?
I was looking at the LBM camel cassentino coat: I know this has been discussed, but how would you characterise its level of formality? Is this basically a casual coat, but done in a dressier style (double breasted, ticket pocket)? What is it best suited for?
New Posts  All Forums: