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Manton, Sorry to hear about the delay. I've been involved in book projects before and am curious to know how you'll use the extra time. If our publisher hadn't insisted on deadlines, I think we'd still be refining the books we worked on and I'm sure you're the same. Say, is there a chance either the styleforum or askandy gets a mention or reference in your book? Thanks, Tom [edited out questions that were answered by your last post]
Who needs an exercise bike?
Quote: No. But, I just don't really want to see if I do. Since you've used it for a year, what are your results? Regrown hair? Thicker? What? It's slowed my recession down quite a bit. Propecia doesn't grow your hair though. For that you need other solutions like Rogaine. I almost forgot to mention it but Nizoral shampoo (2%) supposedly helps fight the recession so if you're weary of injesting anything that's an option along with that copper peptide...
Quote: [snip] I don't take propecia because of the impotence side effects. Then again, that little blue pill should counter any of that stuff. Did you have the misfortune of experiencing this side effect? I ask because I've yet to have any such trouble and I've been on it for a year at this point. Nor have I developed "bitch tits" which some people claim to have sprouted as a result from taking it. True, the pill is supposed to halt any recession...
Quote: Is there a way to tell if your hairline is receding? I suspect mine might be, but if it is, the change is so subtle I can't tell for sure. Do those short hairs on the edge of the hairline mean anything? I'd think the easiest way is to look at an old picture of yourself and compare that hairline to the current one. Otherwise, you'll notice lots of hair failling out when you comb/brush your hair and when you shower.
I was lucky enough to get two tickets as well. Games #15 and #20. I was pleasantly surprised to see how large the demand was for US TST tickets. I believe we were third behind Germany (the hosts) and England in requests.
No votes for Anna Kournikova yet?
Nothing was saved in the google cache either. I guess it just goes to show you that it's worth your while to mirror sites you feel have useful content - especially when they're mentioned in the NYT and grind to a halt shortly thereafter
Hi, I recently received my copies of Volumes I and II and have made a nightly habit of drooling over all the pictures contained in each mag. What bothers me is that there are a number of articles that appear to explain some things about shoe construction that I'd love to read. The problem is I don't speak Japanese. If I were to scan in some of these articles, is there a forum member who would be willing to translate for us? Thanks, Tom
Recently I went to Domenico Vacca and inquired about their services. I was told that their suits are made by Attolini and you only receive one fitting which is unacceptable especially when their stratospheric prices are taken into account. If you're interested in learning about hand made clothing, join the London Lounge. There is also anEast Coast chapter of the LL for those living near NYC and Boston. There are plans in the works to bring artisans from around the world...
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