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Ordered a 'James' crewneck from the sale this past weekend before they were pulled - it's a 50% yak / 50% merino 10-ply. Pretty pricey even with the significant discount (and £40 shipping!) but really looking forward to my first piece of Esk (unless we agreed they make the Cabourn fair isles? If so then second). With the cold we're seeing in Chicago I feel like it's going to get a ton of use.
I've had good luck with http://bennosbuttons.com/ for horn buttons for a suit. The customer service was great - I actually ordered the wrong size the first time around and they did an exchange at no extra shipping cost. FWIW, there are usually coupons out there as well.
Just received my first NMWA box, with a fresh SS Merino Coat in green. Needless to say, I'm PSYCHED about this coat. Fit is spot on, and the quality is just as high as everyone in this thread lead me to believe. Can't believe I held out this long for my first NMWA purchase! Shout out to Greg & team for running a tight ship.
Couldn't resist the urge over the weekend and now UPS tells me I have a box waiting for me at home, so I'm in on this for sure.
Good point. I would honestly prefer if they were a little bit less attentive, but given that it's not ever very busy in there I suppose that's to be expected. In general the guys have been really nice, though.
I strongly prefer Morris & Sons, but that may just be because the salespeople at Syd Jerome have almost always rubbed me the wrong way. SJ definitely has a great selection and their trunk shows are nice (e.g., Samuelsohn), but Morris & Sons also has trunk shows regularly and the prices are just more competitive on the whole.I also like that they have free parking right out front, and it's usually pretty quiet in there so you can just hang out for a bit. YMMV of course.
Yep. Whether they slightly increase the "full retail" price or not I'm not sure, but I think the prices are great after their standard discount.
They've got a ton of high end OTR suits/sportcoats - Kiton, Belvest, Caruso, Pal Zileri, Luciano Barbera, etc. Most everything is 30% off retail as the starting point. They also sell Lobb and EG shoes, have lots of nice shirts/pants, outerwear, etc.Pretty cool spot to shop.
PSA to those in the Chicago area - the Bloomingdale's on Michigan Ave has two Eidos suits in size 42L, one is a light grey micro check and the other a darker grey plaid. Both are on the extra 50% off rack in the suits section and priced somewhere between $600-$700. These were both returns originally purchased at the SF Bloomingdale's (i.e., the Chicago store doesn't carry the full line yet but has these two for sale right now).
Yeah, I had saved it and then totally forgotten about it. I was cleaning up my dreambox and saw that they'd marked it down and there was an extra 20% off coupon, so I couldn't pass it up.
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