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Yeah I will just live with it, I sometimes catch my reflection and think I look really top heavy but I don't normally wear big tops anyways... Also, it was $150 bucks so can't complain... If you are in Manhattan, the store Odin in Greenwich village had two light gray beeswax? left in size 7 for around $300 if anyone was interested!
They only had size 7 left .... The extra fabric around my midsection does make it feel a little sloppy... Maybe I can get a tailor to slim the arms and midsection. Good idea/bad idea?
Got my first Schneider piece.... Chandler jacket in micro-checked dark grey. I was wondering if it was too big/if i can pull off the oversized look. It's really nice and I've been looking for a hooded jacket for some time now. What are your thoughts? I bought it when I was in NY for the weekend so there's no returning. It's a size VII, I'm 6"3 and normally take Large/Large Medium.
Are drop crotch sweat pants still cool? It really does make it look like i crapped myself, still cant decide if cool though
Remember that green Schneider coat? Club Monaco's got a near identical one... Handled it today, very solid. 80/20 wool nylon and bemberg lining. http://www.clubmonaco.ca/product/index.jsp?productId=23422746&cp=12266410.12280856.12770908&ab=ln_men_apparel_outerwear Great dark green in person
Bought this second hand almost 2 years ago, best thing I ever did do. Sweater: COS Pants: Lululemon Boots: Docs
I love this thread.... I just became a dog owner after picking up this guy in Texas. He was running around San Antonio surely to get hit by traffic. No tags, covered in fleas, and shaking from fear. This was near the end of our american road trip and we brought him on the road with us. Slept in the car with us, and slept in our tent too. Sure made things a bit harder to do, like posting up at a bar and drinking our faces off but I think we are better off anyway. Here's him...
Just received this ultra light down jacket in a size XL... After cutting the tags off and looking in the mirror I realized it is far too large. So I would like to trade it for a size down, hopefully someone got a large and needs a size bigger.... Otherwise I could sell it for 65. Thanks for looking!! By the way it is in black but I am open to trade in any color.
^^^ Ann D boots
New Posts  All Forums: