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i have a porsche (40 something years old) that i bought some 10 or so years ago. as is common when it comes this kind of car, even though i was the fourth owner, it had been driven for less than 40k miles in its life (and it came with a full history from the shop that still services it). 90k miles later, the engine blew, and the car is currently undergoing heart surgery. this is not a stylish non-clothing thing. however, around that time that i first bought the car...
and mcinerney's books are so much better than his thoughts about wine. treasure that.
bijan made distinctively ugly clothes in a logarithmic world. allen edmonds makes indistinct shoes for a linear world that doesn't exist. this is why the cool kids swear by their ae seconds, and everyone else spends their time arguing about vague notions of value.
and frank sings. the vladimir putin of crooners. the cup truly doth run over.
+10 marlena shaw. +10 gloves made on / from teh backs of teh peasants -25 cock-sock on the small-time driver +10 the true bigtimer always has his tailor let his pants out half-way through a swing. like, always. +20 see? no pantspull on my followthrough. s*ck it some more, losers -30 look-at-the-fucking-ball lucio +10 when a bigtimer says "fore" people fucking know he means fore. dig? -20 like the smalltimers fiddling with their waist-tabs on the last...
I have a pair of similar cords by Zegna (from a few years back, though).
Quote: Originally Posted by Loupe After months of happy lurking, this thread made me register as I have to see that legendary B+S thread. Damn. And I even refrained after a couple of weeks of Benzorib threads. Damn. Damn.
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