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Any new info on how to get Loopwheeler? The online site is closed, but they are selling a few pieces in
Any other websites have Loopwheeler? Proxy?
Has anybody tried pairing rivet chinos with Clarks Desert Boots or Wallabees? I've never seen the chinos in person, not sure if they'd go well with another.
Any alternate spots to buy Loopwheeler goods other than their website? They rarely have larger sizes on there.
What's the quality level of Club Monaco's chinos? Compared to Unis Gio? j. crew? Ralph Lauren?
Nice. Did you send him a PM?
Anybody knows if HomerJ is still making bracelets? I pm'd a few weeks ago. No response yet.
How'd you guys get this to work? Cuz once I added the voucher it took 2 $69.00 priced sweaters to $60.70. When it was $48 prior.
You can't stack the Voucher with the additional 30 or Student Discount.
Any Yoox codes out there?
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