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anyone have any feedback on their leather lace boots? http://canvas.landsend.com/pp/Laceup...6&origin=index http://s7.landsend.com/is/image/Land...NGavp70JciClf8 it at least looks like a cheaper alternative to Red Wing or Wolverines
size change and still looking
Quote: Originally Posted by the_state ^ Brooks' extra slims shit on J Crew with respect to quality. Not to mention you can buy a shirt that's tailored to your neck/sleeve measurements. Non-iron extra-slim is supposed to come Fall 2011 according to a conversation I had with a Brooks rep a few months ago. 2011? you sure it isn't this Fall 2010?
still looking bump..
Gap used to be make nice basic flat front chino shorts but they recently moved their production location (made in Sri Lanka ones were decent) the new batch are pretty crappy and the quality decline is obvious
quick AE shoe measurement question anybody have a width and length measurement of a 9D Allen Edmonds shoe with the Last #5? (Park ave, Fifth ave, Strand...) would really appreciate it
Looking to buy Allen Edmonds shoes with the Last 5 in 8.5D such as the Park Avenue, Fifth Avenue, Strand and Mcallister please pm or leave details in thread especially interested in black Park Avenues ACQUIRED brown Park Avenues brown Fifth Avenues walnut Strand walnut Mcallister thanks!
sent you a pm
there such a thing as a sleeker version on clarks dbs?
terrible experience with Clarks DBs, anyone hear me out and possibly give advice bought Clarks DBs in Beeswax Leather, it was the newer made in Vietnam ones, I sized down a full size. I wore it for an afternoon out, took them off and was greeted by crew socks that looked like they've been smeared by crap. I'm not even joking they look like I waded through dried mud. I asked Clarks customer service about this and basically sidestepped my inquiry and gave me a copy and...
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