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quick question how do LE canvas oxfords and poplins fit compared to the chambray? I ordered a small in chambray and it terribly loose and baggy, I was hoping the oxford and poplin shirts were slimmer
how would you compare their quality to chinos like from Gap? also what's the most similar fit does it have to Levis (511, 514, 501)? (ordering online so just trying to get a feel for the sizing) Quote: Originally Posted by Kvc06 Just picked up a pair of Dockers wader tonight, never heard of them until I saw them and tried them on, quite happy for $49
Quote: Originally Posted by TACO_FLAVORED_KISSES Which one is slimmer? The Docker Wader or Docker Tapered? I had the same question and asked Dockers CS Apparently they are exactly they same, except the Wader only comes with an inseam of 30
found black PAs still looking for others
been searching around and found these, I really wish Chippewa made these version of the boots available in the US if anyone has info on where to get it, would appreciate it a lot
Question for the Docker slim owners.. are all the slim fit pants the same in waist and seat? Wader Slim Signature Slim Soft Khaki Slim Tapered or do you have to size up for some because they are skinnier?
anyone know a good place to buy dress socks with multiple sizing? the one-size fits all socks end up too long for me, and the heel part ends up on my ankle
still looking
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