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Navy has been sold, Charcoal still available
price drop
all sold
just got my 2 for $99 ESF Non-irons I have mixed feelings about them the fabric seems to be different/cheaper than the slim-fit non irons, still better quality than the usual polyblend at the mall fit is good and actually slim, I have a rectangular chest to torso profile so they work great, some bunching at the waist, but a few seconds of strategic tucking properly fixes it main gripe: what bothers me is that the collar feels like a whole inch bigger - I can fit about...
Quote: size small has a garment chest of 42 1/2 inches, length at the center back of 29 1/2 inches, waist of 39 1/2 inches and sleeve of 33 3/4 from the center back neck it seems like S will do just fine if you want a fitted look
Quote: Originally Posted by slack tide more tight khakis, conservative shoes, shirts, and sweaters lvc w+h dockers those khakis are from dockers? wow, they aren't the mall dad fit that they used to be - what model are those?
are all of Wolverine's Heritage line made on the same Last? (1000 mile, Addison, Ascot, etc?) Quote: Originally Posted by Shigeru Damn I really like the Ascots, was thinking about the Montgomerys first, its the only ones i've been able to find in Sweden, does anyone know if these 2 models are about same in sizing? And whats the best site to order them from? I'm also interested in how the Ascot sizes, I'm 9 in Adidas/Puma/Chucks sneakers, 8.5...
Quote: Originally Posted by slide13 Red chambray Blue stripe chambray Purple OCBD T-shirts Other decent items are their sweats and their new poplins seem nice but I haven't tried them on. how do their OCBD fit compared to the chambrays? do they fit slimmer or just the same?
in the market for boots and can't decide between these Chippewas or Wolverine Ascots Chippewa (same maker of the Katahdin boots that's pretty popular here) Wolverine Ascot
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