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An all-wool spring sweater from Banana Republic - 100% Extra fine Merino wool outer - Lightweight and perfect for Spring - Heather brown - Standing collar and zip up design with two pockets - Fits sized 36-40" chest - 8.5/10 condition maybe a 9/10 after a trip to the dry cleaners $19 + $5 shipping
Selling Allen Edmonds Strand Walnut in 8.5D. Unworn Seconds - see pictures for condition. Two standard circle marks are on the right sole. If 10/10 were first quality I would rate these as 9/10. Maroon AE Shoe Bags included. L. 12.25~" W. 4.25~" $189 + $12 trackable shipping. Paypal preferred. PM for questions *shoe trees not included
Selling a pair of Allen Edmonds Park Avenue Black in 8.5 D US They have been worn once so under half of the retail price seems fair. The shoes are in great condition as seen in the pictures with no major scuffs and they have never been polished so the leather feels just out of the box. Also a retail model and not a second. $179 + $12 trackable shipping. Paypal preferred. PM for any questions **shoe trees and bag not included
where were you able to buy these laces and at what length?both of them look great, almost looks like different boots
I tried them both last winter and they are identical in size, the Kathadins feels a bit looser in the toe box but the size/length is the same with GQ if you put them side by side
just got mine in brown, was sure I was going to return them as soon I got them but these boots are actually pretty nice only thing that bothers me is that the major toe perfing holes might be a bit too big, but its not a dealbreaker
anyone know if these are actually welted or just glued together?
size 34 or waist 17-17.2" darker colors in solid or very subtle patterns flat front mostly looking for deeper dark shades of staple colors
Thvm Atelier/Them Atelier makes fairly cheap Made in USA ones, they have good fits and slim leg openings
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