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Does anyone know the difference between the Soho fit and the Oak fit pants?
Is there any difference in pants fit?
Hi. If I was to order with shipping to Sweden, would it be sent from US or within EU?
If i remember correctly there used to be a sale (online outlet) in the middle of November?
New GMTO. Cherry Shell on Rui:
Thanx a lot. I will place an order tonight. How was the fit? True to size?
Hi. Do you mind taking some pics? How is the fabric and colour? I am looking to order this myself!
Can someone tell me anything about pants and quality?
Would it be possible to remove the leather patch from the jacket arm?
Friends, Does anyone know if it is possible to remove a suede patch from a wool/cashmere Mabro jacket? I found a realy nice clear blue jacket from Mabro but it has white arm patches. For pics se this link: (nr 11 if you click right in slideshow) BR
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