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anyone owns a pair of the Gustin Low Top? recommendations?
Also, the silk blend quality i assume will last longer?
Also, quick questions: im 5'5", 150lbs, broad shoulders and on the more muscular size. Chest is 37". 1) For U neck short sleeve silk blend tee, should i take a small or Medium? 2) how about the flash dual zip? what size? I like things slightly loose than SLIM.
i think the canadians are getting expensive shipping rate.
how much? please pm me, thx.
curious any TOJ0 and MA1 for sale?
Just watched your GQ feature, congrats on the milestone. @JohnElliottCo
Available Supreme: blue thermal arc zip up hard times both navy and cream/tan kiss black stars snapback green cord trucker white trucker
sorry for the late updates: SOLD Stussy 25th Anniversary MA-1 public enemy popcorn joe cool teal bogo posse
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