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Didn't realize you were in Japan, so you'll have to see for yourself what the norm is. The last thing you need is the client and their employees becoming envious of you, so just keep that in mind.
Very rarely do people in management consulting wear ties, except in the health care provider and financial services industries. Try to dress on the same "formal-ness" scale as your colleagues, especially if you are on client site a lot. You do not want employees of the client to think of you as "that dbag consultant who makes 10x more than I do and is going to get me fired." Also, definitely no DB suits.
Hi everyone. I'm looking to purchase a new briefcase and would like some advice. I'm a young professional in a client-facing business job, so I'm looking for something that is nice and timeless but not overly formal or ostentatious. Wants: 1) At least 3.5" to 4" deep. (I typically carry a 14" laptop, charger, mouse, 0.25" of papers, and misc. small things, but I like the flexibility of being able to carry additional papers, a book, small umbrella, etc.) 2) I fly twice a...
For what it's worth: I've tried Indochino's suits, going through one remake cycle before asking for a refund. Unfortunately with the button stance being so high it became clear it was never going to look good. I also tried Black Lapel at the same time and ended up with a suit that fits quite well from them (I now have three so far). However, I have both the wool overcoat and raincoat from Indochino's 2013 collection, and both fit nearly flawlessly out of the box (I did...
I don't understand why they can't use the one button pattern for the two button suit and just add the second button below the first.Have you tried Black Lapel at all?
From my experience, there is usually some fabric to let out at the seat but rarely any to let out at the thighs unless you specifically requested extra fabric on the side seams (on a bespoke or MTM garment). Best way to tell is just look inside the pants and see if there is any extra fabric.
Thoughts on my Black Lapel jacket? Things I noticed: 1. The way the shoulders are constructed/padded is causing bulges where my trapezius muscles are (I have prominent traps). It's more apparent on the back view. I'm not sure if they can fix this on the next one, but I'll ask. 2. Back needs to be cleaned up. Looks like it can just be taken in at the center seam? 3. Front/back balance needs to be adjusted... needs to be longer in the back? 4. The vents are gaping a bit on...
They really need to fix the button stance. I realize a one-button suit would have the optimal button stance, but unfortunately one-button suits are not acceptable in a business setting for someone in an entry-level position.
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