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I'm no tailor, but it looks like it's caused by your dropped left shoulder. Try raising your left shoulder up towards your neck and see if the bunch goes away.
Does anyone know what the deal is with the referral code? You can't use it on the trial shirt, but it has to be used on your first order. Does the trial shirt count as the first order? If so, then what's the point of the referral discount if you can't use it?
Anyone know/have an idea of how long the sale will last? Want to wait for my latest batch of shirts to come in, if possible
Why don't you want to enter the measurements? Pretty simple process: 1. Measure shirt 2. Make adjustments for better fit
You can also specify a separate back half waist measurement (in special requirements on your measurements page). This, in addition to darts, gets a nice tapered look.
I don't understand why they can't use the one button pattern for the two button suit and just add the second button below the first.Have you tried Black Lapel at all?
From my experience, there is usually some fabric to let out at the seat but rarely any to let out at the thighs unless you specifically requested extra fabric on the side seams (on a bespoke or MTM garment). Best way to tell is just look inside the pants and see if there is any extra fabric.
Thoughts on my Black Lapel jacket? Things I noticed: 1. The way the shoulders are constructed/padded is causing bulges where my trapezius muscles are (I have prominent traps). It's more apparent on the back view. I'm not sure if they can fix this on the next one, but I'll ask. 2. Back needs to be cleaned up. Looks like it can just be taken in at the center seam? 3. Front/back balance needs to be adjusted... needs to be longer in the back? 4. The vents are gaping a bit on...
They can take a bit long to respond, up to a week sometimes.
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