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I prefer Popeye's only because KFC decided to get rid of their spicy recipe chicken. I am a big fan of fried chicken though and regularly indulge myself with Roscoe's and Honey Kettle here in LA.
Ghostface is fly like Egyptian musk.
Its OK, she prefaced her physical assault and racist tirade by saying, "I am not prejudiced." Clearly, she must be in the clear.
What's next a live-action Ghost in the Shell with Zooey Deschanel as Motoko Kusanagi?
I use one of those Godiva powdered canisters and top it off with whipped cream.
I am sure your lungs will thank you if you ever do find them.
Quote: Originally Posted by OakCreekHitter The jap salons off of Sawtelle 2 blocks from santa monica in that little jap plaza are pretty good. Ahhhh, the "jap plaza" you speak of is called Little Osaka. Also, you are an asshole.
Don't trip my man. 3.75 GPA, BA in History from UCLA, and unemployed since July. Just keep your fingers crossed.
I prefer places that are cheap as hell and old school so I go to Tel's in Santa Monica.
These crime shows only promote the type of fear mongering that makes people think society is on a precipitous decline. It is interesting fact that despite actual crime being reduced significantly since 2005 (about 100,000 less violent crime charges) reporting of these crimes has increased almost 100%.
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