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Greek, Italian, and Swedish do it for me.
U-C-LLLLLLLLLLLLL-A, UCLA fight, fight, fight!!!!!
Joy and Kapital are great clubs in Madrid. When I was vacationing there I really thought the food was horrendous.
Anyone here ever purchase clothes from AllSaints? I like the way some of their apparel looks and it is one of the few brands within my budget (along the lines of JCrew, Gap, BR, etc.). However, can anyone speak on the quality or fit of their clothing.
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Should have been Jon Hamm! However, it will be interesting to see how the Team of Snyder and Christopher Nolan work together.
This guy is now my hero.
Bought a shirt and cardigan from Wayfarer89 items came quickly, in excellent condition, and as advertised. Great seller and all around good guy.
You can use a beta blocker that suppresses the fight or flight response.
"Seam here, seam here and an alley there." That and "Factor Back" seem to be the only thing is this man's repertoire as an analyst.
Avoid anything round as you already have a round face. I would go with something like a Wayfarer.
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