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Quote: Originally Posted by mordecai bread hat joke Sorry it was obligatory/
In-N-Out Protein Style homie.
The video is fake and an ineffective advertisement for the movie "Limitless."
Mosquito net, citronella candles, plant a rosemary hedge (this will also keep dogs from pissing on your yard), or you can go the expensive route and get those electric zappers.
Wow! My faith in humanity is restored. Great job!
I own the regular University Coat in XS here are some measurements: Shoulder to Shoulder: 16'' P2P: 18'' Length: ~30.5'' my primary concern given your height. I am 5'10'' and 130 lbs I can post some fit pics if you want. I can't say what these measurements are versus the slim version of the coat.
Really depends on the other components of your outfit. Pics needed.
That's me in the grey suit.
NYR, any advice for an aspiring teacher? I just finished my BA in History and am looking at teachers' education programs.
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