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I went twice a few years ago when Rage Against the Machine played and a year when Radiohead played. Not going this year, the line-up looks OK at best. I have to warn you if you are doing the whole hippie camp out thing be prepared for some near intolerable levels of sanitation. They are very few public showers and thousands of guest so you probably won't be showering for a few days. Honestly, if you got the dough grab a hotel in Palm Springs.
OP is an idiot. Gen. Petraeus is a soldier, not a politician or even a private citizen. As such, his first commitment is for the safety of the troops under his direct command not making political statements or to allow his personal political opinions to get into the way of completing his jobs as a soldier, unless politics puts his soldiers at risk. In this case, he condemns the act because simply it puts the young kids that he is responsible for at greater risk.
Looks like her is wearing two very nice accessories.
Can anyone here beat him in a game of one-on-one hoops (an actual contact sport not based on the Redcoat sport Rounders played by British schoolgirls)? Didn't think so.
Thanks all. Connosr proved to be especially useful.
I was wondering if you gentlemen know of a website that reviews the quality of various spirits. I am looking for a site similar to BeerAdvocate but only for hard liquor, particularly, whiskey.
Quote: Originally Posted by mordecai bread hat joke Sorry it was obligatory/
In-N-Out Protein Style homie.
The video is fake and an ineffective advertisement for the movie "Limitless."
Mosquito net, citronella candles, plant a rosemary hedge (this will also keep dogs from pissing on your yard), or you can go the expensive route and get those electric zappers.
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