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Sorry I don't have a better picture showing the entire outfit. The suit is charcoal.
Need an attire critique for my brother's law school commencement (I am the dude who looks white). Hopefully, you guys don't think I overdressed, I thought the occasion was going to be pretty formal. I was in a rush that mourning so I know I tied my tie too long. Feel free to be as harsh on me as possible, but I kindly ask you refrain from negative comments on my brother or our childhood friend (he is a doctor so expecting him to dress half-decent is beyond the realm of...
Looks awesome. Happy bridesmaid hunting.
Great MVP speech.
Quote: Originally Posted by dragon8 I'd say the Godfather. Concur. Can't see how perfect storytelling can be overrated???
Quote: Originally Posted by bwonger06 The acetaminophen in Vicodin does not go well with alcohol (hence why people take ibuprofen for hangovers instead of tylenol). If you can, I would avoid it or take some Advil instead. This is normally the convention because acetaminophen adds to liver damage of a hard night of drinking and, to my knowledge, has nothing to do with strange drug interactions. However, you might want to double-check. In...
I went twice a few years ago when Rage Against the Machine played and a year when Radiohead played. Not going this year, the line-up looks OK at best. I have to warn you if you are doing the whole hippie camp out thing be prepared for some near intolerable levels of sanitation. They are very few public showers and thousands of guest so you probably won't be showering for a few days. Honestly, if you got the dough grab a hotel in Palm Springs.
Looks like her is wearing two very nice accessories.
Thanks all. Connosr proved to be especially useful.
I was wondering if you gentlemen know of a website that reviews the quality of various spirits. I am looking for a site similar to BeerAdvocate but only for hard liquor, particularly, whiskey.
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