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Going for a hip-hop look, I feel that homie.
Lame. Does not work for porn searches, which would have been useful since I can use one hand.
I can tell from his user name that he ain't nothin' to fuck with.
Yes! Immediately!!!
PM Sent.
I would just run train on that chicken like omm nom nom nom nom.
Apparently Albert Pujols and Tony LaRussa are going to be in attendance.
Quote: Originally Posted by hastur sell everything, get a gym membership, mess around with starting strength for a few months to get yourself acclimated to weightlifting, then decide where you want to go from there I would suggest Starting Strength as well, but I don't see why he has to sell everything. He mentioned he has a Olympic bar and weights which is close to all you need. Just buy a squat stand and you are good to go.
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