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This is awesome.
Quote: Originally Posted by matadorpoeta Get to know Montana Avenue between Lincoln BLvd and about 17th Street. Best places to eat here are Father's Office (gastro pub, famous for burgers) and Blue Plate (breakfast). On Main Street, Circle Bar is probably the best bar in town. At least it's the only one I like. The King's Head is a decent English Pub by the Promenade. For a regular barber Tel's on Pico and about 24th Street is the place to go....
I have done it before all you need is sugar and lemon juice. http://www.opendb.net/element/506.php This is not the particular link I used before but the recipe is similar.
The ending is just ridiculous they are on such a narrow platform.
Definitely go with a 38s or even a 36s.
Why not some chinos, a dress shirt, Sperry Top-siders, and a pair of wayfarers.
In my opinion, that looks awful.
Nachos are amazing.
[/quote] Congratulations, but next time you may want to leave the dancing up to professionals.
Going for a hip-hop look, I feel that homie.
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