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Quote: Originally Posted by gracian You know there's a vaccine for this. Obviously, it is too late for her to be inoculated and, as the website implies, even for men the vaccine is mainly for those who have never been sexually active. I fortunately don't fall into this category.
OK so I should probably begin this thread with the specific accounts of what occurred to me last night. It was a close friend's, who happens to be a girl, 21st birthday party and the night began barhopping from place-to-place in an attempt to get this girl as wasted as possible. Among the birthday girl's associates is a girl I have been attempting to hook up with for a long while (I would consider posting pics knowing how skeptical the SF audience could be, however my SN...
Ass camera angles would have been a nice addition.
That is a cool look. I am now interested in looking for a similar waistcoat.
Buy yourself a knife and the next time you see this dude walking down the street rob him.
Lakers all the way.
I am more interested in the Asian chick.
Best CB in the league right thur.
I agree gloves are for wimps, but nobody on here mentioned how to correct your form so callouses do not form in the first place or at least minimally. Callouses occur when the barbell slides from the middle of you palm, where noobs grip the bar, to your fingers, where for pulling exercises, is the more natural location for the barbell. Minimize callus formation by griping the bar closer to the fingers than the palm and use chalk if your hands are sweaty.
< Him, James Bond, and JFK
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