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Black coffee.
Step-ups on some sort of box or step would work well. However, if you want to stay weak, skinny, and lack overall fitness than continue to avoid squats. Otherwise, buy the necessary equipment to do squats (sounds like squat stands are all you need, which are about $100) or join a gym.
If you are going with something that is not flamboyant why choose an asymmetrical hairstyle, such as the one demonstrated above? Personally, I think your hair looks fine especially in the picture of you with a tie on.
Is this the introduction of Sesame Street's red light district?
Quote: Originally Posted by HgaleK What are the chances that you go by Mohammed? Zero, for me personally but seeing as Mohammed is the most common name on planet Earth that is as good as a guess as any.
Quote: Originally Posted by Saul Silver Man, this thread is full of Ya that was totally out of line on my part. Some basic thinking should, which I often lack, would have avoided such a misstep.
Quote: Originally Posted by tomgirl And why do most girls have HPV? Because most guys have HPV. This thread makes me roll my eyes pretty hard. I see what you mean here. I mean the girl was honest enough to inform me before having sex of having the disease. Had the roles been switched I may not have been as forthcoming.
Take Rippetoe's advice and drink a gallon of milk a day. Food is energy and to recover you need to consume sufficient calories.
Quote: Originally Posted by Matt ok let me go back a step and state my assumptions there.... assumption 1. she has it assumption 2. you do not. I my case these assumptions are correct I am actually doing two thing right now: 1) Calling my doctor about a Gardasil Shot 2) Calling the girl to see if we can meet again (Fuck it I am pretty desperate but would generally like to to avoid even the potential of warts if at all possible. I will mention...
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