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OK so I am planning to dress as Clark Kent for Halloween, as I have an uncanny resemblance to the character. I am trying to build this costume on the cheap because I know I am going to be wasted and have a high potential of damaging any clothes I may be wearing. Here is my plan: wear a pair of Ray Ban Wayfarers, probably a waistcoat unbuttoned revealing a superman t-shirt , shirt also unbuttoned, tie, and maybe a white pocket square. However, I have a few questions...
Dude, the fact you are asking this question proves how little you know. Women do not expect to get hit on while they are shopping from retail employees. Save the flirting for after you get off from work.
That is quite the shaving nick on NOBD. Learn to shave properly man.
Quote: Originally Posted by Teacher My favorite is the soccer goal. Looks cool but I am not sure I can get used to someone shouting, "GOALLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!" every time I step into the bathroom.
Bring lots of weed.
The original Conan the Barbarian is one of my favorite movies of all time mainly because of the childhood memories I had watching it. Therefore, no substitute will adequately replace the original. Crom laughs at this remake; He laughs from His high mountain.
I am no doctor, but this sounds like allergies to me. Taking a shower allows steam to enter your lungs and removes potential allergens from your skin, which would provide temporary relief. Of course, consult a physician and don't only take my advice.
Good enough for James Bond and Astronauts, probably good enough for anyone.
Black coffee.
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