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Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker NewYorkRanger (as UrbanComposition): Man Ranger did your car get keyed or what?
Neither can do anything. Fact is Jordan was a perfect 6 of 6 in the NBA Finals which is better than Kobe's 5 of 7 or Lebron's 0. Also, Jordan always had a way of stepping his game up in the postseason while Kobe allowed Derrick Fisher to basically singlehandedly win a Finals game last season.
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Sorry, I read the thread wrong. I suppose a shirt and a tie is all that is required but if you want to a suit would impress.
I know it sounds nasty as hell but, make like Snookie and drink some pickle juice.
I bet OP liked the Chilean miners better when they were underground.
This path is in a state of disrepair making it only the more dangerous.
This movie was awful. Any gamers notice how they took many themes from the Fallout saga?
Free condiments is the only thing they got going for them. The burgers are nowhere near the quality of In & Out.
Quote: The clear lenses rather then shaded ones will be really important to the look. They were to make him look like a nondescript average guy, not like the guy who has the eye condition that makes him wear sunglasses 24/7. I should have specified when I stating I am wearing Wayfarers that I was referring to a clear lens prescription model not the sunglasses.
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