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Cards or gambling in general. Also, you can try to be a designated driver for your friends, I am sure they will appreciate the gesture and you still get to go out.
No mentions for Karl Malone? Sure he might not have been as crazy as some of the others mentioned but the guy was yoked and known to fling his elbows around wildly.
Henry Cavill on set with the famous Superman curl. [[SPOILER]]
Nausea is really one of its more legitimate uses. Just ask anyone who has gone through chemo and is prescribed dat weed.
I am unsure of what product you are referring to. I don't think you mean classic as in the classic Shulton formula that many swear by. This product has become very difficult to find and is almost exclusively on Ebay and some shaving forums. Although I hear there is an Indian company licensed to produce the original Shulton formula. Instead of looking for the body spray, which I think all body sprays are awful, just get a bottle of the EDC.
Technically a cartridge razor is also a type of "Safety razor." I believe the word double-edge or DE razor is a better term for your Mekur. I also use a DE razor except I use a 1950's Gillette Superspeed black-handle.
Just to let you know the police have no authority to determine who is at fault in an accident, really they should not have even mentioned it (kind of unprofessional actually). At the scene of a major accident never even mention the word "fault" just describe what happened and allow the insurance companies to determine fault or percentages of fault. In this case, it sounds like the insurance companies would side against you. You entered the intersection while another...
Is "banana" some sort of euphemism? Just dab some ice cold water on it.
Panasonic RP-HTX7PP-W love the retro styling.
Saddleback Leather, Coach, Wilson's (not high-end), Ghurka.
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