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The shoes that perform best are lifting shoes like these or these Minumus are completely flat and are not cushioned in any way. I lift with them and they perform pretty well. However, I do cross-training and not just lifting and I think Chucks are better for just lifting.
If you believe in Rippetoe, which you should, strength without bulk is a misnomer. In order to make significant strength gains especially as a beginner you are going to need to put on muscle mass.
Nice try Lil B'
I don't mean to be a grammar Nazi because I have had my fair share of slip-ups, but honestly what does "in a roll" mean? I can do about 60 pushup and 6 pullups consecutively.
So the Crossfit gym I am a part of has started a donation team with Stand Up to Cancer. Many of you will be familiar with the organization especially with the publicity it has received during the World Series. My gym is hoping to earn $50,000 to the cause and will be doing a public workout to gain publicity. I am asking fellow Styleformers to please assist in the cause. Any donations will be greatly appreciated. I will gladly post pictures of me and my companions...
I love Baby Blues it is the best BBQ in my opinion.
I don't eat grain so my breakfast is very similar. 4-5 eggs and some fruit usually.
Watchmen by Alan Moore was placed on Time's best 100 novels of the 20th century. Other notable titles are Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller, Pride of Baghdad, Jimmy Corrigan Boy Genius, Sandman by Neil Gaiman, and many more.
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