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Or best reasonable offer need gone
Size 33 Dior Homme Japanese Denim pics below... Free shipping. USA and pay pal only. This is my first style form listing. Faster response would be email
are going to start a new order in box #4? was there a moss britches sample in that TF lot? I have wanted to try that
there was already a fair number of empty bottles that must have leaked and labels that were ran/ were ruined... there are def like 5 layers but there was honestly way to many small bags in there
I also compressed the contents and got rid of some of the 600 plastic bags in the box
arlee responded right away... box will be on the way to him in the morning I was impressed with the huge quantity that was in the box but was a bid disappointed that there were not to many new things in there to me the one thing I did snag and like a lot is the demeter bonfire... smells amazing
Done with the box.. millions of things in there... sampled a few I was interested in and added some and now ready to pass it on.. A sent arlee a pm
what is the problem?
I got the box this morning.................
I planned on sending it to arlee after me
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