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sent you pm i have other color but not this one
what size you want?
i do not like international shipping, have to pay much for tracking shipping, not worth but always send after get paid
Quote: Originally Posted by Butter Depends on the quality of the bar soap of course. The main issue is that bar soap doesn't have moisturizer, making your scalp dryer and leads to dandruff (which is just flaky skin from your head). that's ture, different quality has different affect, suggest you to use good brand soap
got carob color, are you interested?
used to go to gym with friend, but only 3months, but feel very good but i do not like go myself
Quote: Originally Posted by Saul Silver Hell yeah i like this
it is better to find some one buy for you from the country you want, and send as gift that saves money too much tax
0 mile stay at home today
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