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I wanted a challenging position, I liked the science, I like working with and for people, to name a few. Once I was in school and found ortho, I liked that I could utilize my physics background and I liked working with my hands (majored in physics and grew up working on cars so it is kind of a natural progression).
Orthopedic Surgery
I have a 4 week wait to hear about the match, and 8 weeks total of my 4th year of medical school remaining. It hasn't been too bad but I'm definitely looking forward to getting internship year started. I feel like at this point I'm starting to just stagnate.
I got my BS in physics and I'm now about to finish medical school. I'm in the midst of ortho residency applications and I've done ortho trauma/biomechanics research while I've been in school. I'm considering some sort of degree in mechanical engineering through the last few years of residency and interested in R&D with various companies. Ortho is somewhat privileged in that it lends itself to lots of patent/product design opportunities and I'd like to take advantage of...
I have the Fifth and Park Ave's from AE in 10.5D and tried the Strands in 10.5E just to see the difference. The width difference was sizable and the shoes looked like skis on me, so I returned them for D width. I measure out to an 11 and between a D and E width on a brannock device, so I was suprised to see the differene was so great.
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker I dont have experience with BB Xslim fit, but Finamore and Barba both run pretty slim - Barba more than Finamore. However, the European market Barbas are painted on. Thanks for the info. The specifications provided on Shop the Finest do seem to indicate the extra slim Barba shirts are truly very slim. I may stay away from those.
I would probably go with the light brown Saphir polish. I have the medium brown that I use for a different pair of shoes and I would not use it for the Walnut calf as it is a bit too dark. I've also used the Renovateur on the Strands (twice) and I've found it darkened some parts of the shoe so I don't think I'll do that anymore (or, at least, very sparingly).
How is the fit of these shirts to something more pedestrian, say...a BB extra slim fit? I've been looking at Finamore and Barba on Shop the Finest. I know the measurements exist on the site, but I'm curious to hear from someone with first-hand experience. Second question - given the overall quality of shirts from either Finamore or Barba, would it be worthwhile to buy one of these vs. something from ProperCloth using Thomas Mason fabrics? Are the collars,...
I feel like a broken record (largely because they're close and reasonably priced), but BB has a decent umbrella (the Doorman's Umbrella) that has good coverage if you're looking for a larger one. Some of their standard sized umbrellas felt a bit cheap, but this bigger one has held up well to a lot of rain. Cost was $45 on sale and I'd say it was worth it.
Quote: Originally Posted by 997CTSurg BA History MD 10 years of residency 2 years of practice 1 year of super fellowship How did you wind up doing 10 years of residency? A gen surg residency is 5 years and a thoracic fellowhip is anywhere from 2 to 3. That's a long time to be training.
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