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what is the code of the mobile app for 30% off?
Lardini makes jackets for Piombo, and there is no lapel pin for Piombo, Just Lardini house brand. Kiton makes the jackets for MP Massimo Piombo. Heavily padded shoulders are older Lardini models...the problem is Yoox has lots of old stuff, so just be ready to return. Almost all of the more recent Lardini jackets are garment dyed and washed, so they have super soft shoulders, and canvassing Lardini has been doing a lot stuff with Zegna fabrics recently,...
No email but a lot of my dreambox prices just dropped
same here...and 90% of the Boglioli jackets are gone just last night, crazy
is this happening? Will he have his bags?
And much more the past SC's were $595...maybe 100% cashmere was $100 more and they used to have a rack of jackets there were $150, all samples
Yes!! I posted these of SF a while back...only have a few left and Roberto is discontinuing the line at the end of this year, with the exception of Japan. I have large in Bolle Black and Lino (my personal favorite) and medium black and white bolle. Here is the army green as well...there are a left in...
Hey everyone! My wife Francesca I will be hosting our fall “MADE IN ITALY” sample sale at Imparali tailors on November 2nd & 3rd in Midtown. As in the past the focus on the sale is on high-end Italian garment died sportswear and outerwear featuring designers such as Boglioli (mostly), Lardini, Cantarelli and Piombo, as well as a some suits and sports jackets from Satoria Partenopea (from this year- purple button lapel pin), Stile Latino and Barena outerwear As with the...
yes...I just got back from Italy and picked up a bunch. What fabric are you looking for?
Deep Purple in size 38 sold
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