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No email but a lot of my dreambox prices just dropped
same here...and 90% of the Boglioli jackets are gone just last night, crazy
is this happening? Will he have his bags?
And much more expensive...in the past SC's were $595...maybe 100% cashmere was $100 more and they used to have a rack of jackets there were $150, all samples
Yes!! I posted these of SF a while back...only have a few left and Roberto is discontinuing the line at the end of this year, with the exception of Japan. http://www.styleforum.net/t/331074/rare-roberto-ugolini-weekend-bags-in-bolle-leather-and-linen-2k I have large in Bolle Black and Lino (my personal favorite) and medium black and white bolle. Here is the army green as well...there are a left in...
Hey everyone! My wife Francesca I will be hosting our fall “MADE IN ITALY” sample sale at Imparali tailors on November 2nd & 3rd in Midtown. As in the past the focus on the sale is on high-end Italian garment died sportswear and outerwear featuring designers such as Boglioli (mostly), Lardini, Cantarelli and Piombo, as well as a some suits and sports jackets from Satoria Partenopea (from this year- purple button lapel pin), Stile Latino and Barena outerwear As with the...
yes...I just got back from Italy and picked up a bunch. What fabric are you looking for?
Deep Purple in size 38 sold
I have a lot of Boglioli K Jackets in 100% washed cashmere up for sale. Also accepting best offers. Please see below for sizing: Red K Jacket in 100% Cashmere Eur 54 length form bottom of collar~ 30.25 sleeve~ 26" shoulder~ 19" pit to pit 22.5 Deep brown - deep purple contrast 44 length form bottom of collar~ 30.5 sleeve~ 26" shoulder~ 20" pit to pit 23 Soft pink & black plaid Eur 54 length form bottom of collar~ 30.25 sleeve~ 26" shoulder~ 19" pit to pit 23 EUR 46...
Glad you enjoyed last sale!!! This one will be even better! Cash, all credit cards accepted but I think there will be tax with cards
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