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for half the price I quite like these ones
AS are overpriced and pretty poor quality from all the stuff I've seen. If you want leather then there are far better places to look. That HL jacket is ok but I prefer this one from them and this if you want a peacoat
I've got some friends with F cars (a lot better off than me!!!) and the only time that it's ok to wear the merchandise is if you are at car events/track days. I don't think any of them own this watch - I've never spotted it. The Laptops are just overpriced and for mugs!
Quote: Originally Posted by clarksdb Danier (Canadian) $200: Just starting my search. I'm in the $200-$300 price range. Any help on stores/brands will be great...thanks. Which style number is that one? EDIT: Sorry, i found it!
I didn't realise they ever sold shoes! Do you have any pics?
WOW, I'm not the best dressed person by a long, long way but these guys are really bad. You would see better dressed people in the average Weatherspoons pub!
I agree with you about the logo but I quite like the stiching.
I spotted these Baracuta shoes this morning and was impressed with their first attempt at footwear. For the price I think they are onto a winner as the quality looks pretty high. What does everyone think?
Quote: Originally Posted by HHD Those models are horrible. One looks severely mentally challenged and the other like an Auton. I'd agree with that! Although Hackett don't have different lables like RL they just try to do everything with the one label. A couple of the pieces above are ok but we all know that Hackett make all they money from selling polo shirts with the logo all over it. Having said that, I've got a couple of merino wool...
I think the suits look really nice if you want something really LOUD. It's not quite my thing but I can see the appeal. On the shirts; I was quite disappointed in the quality when I tried one on. They aren't as good as cheap Thomas Pink shirts IMHO...
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