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Quote: Originally Posted by amadar This sounds like a statement someone with a guilty conscience would make........ I was convinced you were the culprit until I checked your stats. Being a size 9/9.5, I always seem to come across great shoes that are either really big or really small. I'll pm you if I come across any great deals in size 13.
Sorry you got sniped on eBay, but at least you are size 13 and you shouldn't have trouble finding great deals in the future.
"An SF lesson learned" is correct grammar.
Nice place Greg. Post some pics with the midcentury modern furniture.
Bump to drop price by $15.
Bump to drop price by $15.
Sold. Thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by Notreknip Image source? I'm curious. This is my livelihood, in a way... Based on the posting of this on reddit, it originally came from the Dienekes' Anthropology Blog, but I can't find it there. Here is an interesting link that lets you average faces and see what they look like. http://www.faceresearch.org/demos/average This might be where the images originally came from. It includes average male and...
I've had similar problems with side seams on Mabitex cotton trousers, but nothing obscene like this. At least a tailor can easily fix a split seam. Overall, the quality of the construction isn't good.
Quote: Originally Posted by Artisan Fan It may just be the camera angle. It was just the camera angle. I just double checked and everything looks good.
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