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NONE, the menu posted says $28 if I remember correctly.
Well if some coughs or sneezes(you know sometimes those just come up out of nowhere), you have a shield, DUHHHH!
Compared to the prices at the other chains, THEY SURE THE HELL ARE! Under $20 usually you can get a full rack of ribs, NOT at Houston's you sure can't.
Because I had gone through a car accident with someone that was drinking? WTF?? Get in a car accident with a drunk driver and then get hurt, see how *YOU* feel!
Dude, I am not too happy with you admitting you drive drunk. I have my husband drive me places not ME that has been drinking. Even if he had a beer or 2, he is a MAN for one thing which makes him be able to drink more just in general beening that a woman can drink more than men just by nature, secondly, being he is around 100lbs more than me, and 3rdly, he's not drinking hard liquor like I am.If you can't stand, you are VERY LUCKY you didn't go to jail.I suck a driving...
Well of course Outback, but those aren't upscale by a LONGSHOT. We don't have a Carraba's in our area.We have gone to:1. Chili's2. Applebee's3. Outback(A ZILLION TIMES BEFORE)4. Denny's5. IHOP6. Waffle House7. Longhorn Steakhouse8. Longstar Steakhouse9. Logan's Roadhouse10. Texas Roadhouse11. Houston's - THIS IS MORE UPSCALE where their prices are listed as REALLY EXPENSIVE and a dollar amount, no cents listed.And many more local chains as well as probably more I didn't...
At some bars that serve food, I brought my own mayo and mustard since they had cheapass packet mayonnaise not even a name brand mayo even.I also have brought my own ranch and remoulade sauce before at some restaurants that didn't have what I wanted.Also, I have brought my own coke or dr. pepper to Applebee's since they sell just Pepsi products(I am a coca cola product fan).I have brought mayo from McDonald's with fries then went to Taco Bell back around 13 or so years ago...
No and I wouldn't be allowed to for safety reasons. Think about it, it's a safety hazard if a non-employee starts walking into the kitchen, DUH!
That customer was out of line and that's ridiculous of that customer as if every place has everything you want. The customer took it out on you just because they didn't carry an item, which is totally RIDICULOUS!Nothing you can do. I wouldn't expect you to go to the store for the customer for an item you don't even carry. That's crazy.I am not like that customer I hope you know. I don't blame the server when they are out of something or don't carry something. I just...
NO, from everyone.
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