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Frank Family Chardonnay is good
That's not him and you know it. I did laugh at the picture of the tots and ranch though. I HATE tatar tots personally.
My husband likes it. I used to like it until they got rid of the pasta I used to like, which was around 2004 was the last time I had it.I don't like there once they got rid of coke products, I believe it was around 2006 or so. Also, no matter how much I have complained at ANY and EVERY Applebee's, out of state, out of town, the service sucks big time. I can hardly ever have good service when I go there. I can go to chili's get 25% type of service or more even. Applebee's...
That's not me and you know it. I really don't care for Applebee's really.
Not sure if you are serious or not, but it's true that I don't want watered down drink. My x-boyfriend used to hate it when a server would just pour him some more iced tea without asking first because he just got his iced tea sweetened perfectly, then they mess up it. I don't drink iced tea that often, but when I do(a restaurants that serve pepsi products such as Applebee's I do), I don't want them pouring in my glass. While his beef was with the sweetened perfectly...
It's not that, it's to show "I'm sorry" rather than giving absolutely NOTHING for our time. It's not the value of it, but the thought that would go behind it kind of like receiving a gift that you would or could not use. The thought behind it is nice even if you can't use the gift.
Thanks! This is me, Springs1, that's my writing you just quoted. I just feel if I could take 31 cents out of a register at a store and not get arrested, think again, they'd probably put me in handcuffs for doing something like that or at the very least if they wouldn't, they'd kick me out the store. That's why I don't get the servers doing this? As I said before, this is a purposeful thing, it happens quite often.Here's another website where a man was shorted 4...
NONE, the menu posted says $28 if I remember correctly.
Well if some coughs or sneezes(you know sometimes those just come up out of nowhere), you have a shield, DUHHHH!
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