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Have any of you guys tried Ganton Bespoke?
I'm loving this burgundy tie!
Hey CEP How wide is the Zegna Pique weave (second from the left). Also - How 'navy' are these? They all look quite bright blue to me...is there a flash on? Is the Herringbone with Brown spots also the 8cm standard Herringbone width? Cheers
http://www.otticanet.it/Bad luck mate...Lot's of decent feedback about this site around. Seem quite reasonably priced to me.
I agree with your comment on the fusing of the cuffs. It also doesn't soften up through washes. But it was cheap.I got my second shirt yesterday - a 2 ply pure cotton ($109 from memory). It's reasonable material.I opted for the soft collar option which I'm pretty disappointed with to be honest. As the soft collar has no collar stay options I simply assumed it would be of the variety where it is sewn into the collar. Not the case. There are no collar stays at all. I can...
Charlie - the cream and navy looks the part. Looking forward to seeing the full range!
Howard's World of Storage (or something of that name - franchise) will have a few options for you.I got a nice slide out one from there last year.
This thread is some kind of Eurasian melting pot...and I love it. On my bucket list for sure. I'm a huge fan.
Apologies.I guess I won't buy any more oxfords then!
Thanks for your critique. It's nice to have some feedback.I agree there is a lot of fabric through the back - there isn't that much in the front though - so I didn't alter the body measurements for my second shirt.As for the sleeves bunching - if you look in the 'side' picture the sleeves aren't actually bunching, they appear to bunch but it is simply the 'crappyness' of the MT Trial Fabric - if you bend your arm just once it will be severely creased for the rest of the...
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