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Hey CEP How wide is the Zegna Pique weave (second from the left). Also - How 'navy' are these? They all look quite bright blue to me...is there a flash on? Is the Herringbone with Brown spots also the 8cm standard Herringbone width? Cheers
http://www.otticanet.it/Bad luck mate...Lot's of decent feedback about this site around. Seem quite reasonably priced to me.
I agree with your comment on the fusing of the cuffs. It also doesn't soften up through washes. But it was cheap.I got my second shirt yesterday - a 2 ply pure cotton ($109 from memory). It's reasonable material.I opted for the soft collar option which I'm pretty disappointed with to be honest. As the soft collar has no collar stay options I simply assumed it would be of the variety where it is sewn into the collar. Not the case. There are no collar stays at all. I can...
Charlie - the cream and navy looks the part. Looking forward to seeing the full range!
Howard's World of Storage (or something of that name - franchise) will have a few options for you.I got a nice slide out one from there last year.
This thread is some kind of Eurasian melting pot...and I love it. On my bucket list for sure. I'm a huge fan.
Apologies.I guess I won't buy any more oxfords then!
Thanks for your critique. It's nice to have some feedback.I agree there is a lot of fabric through the back - there isn't that much in the front though - so I didn't alter the body measurements for my second shirt.As for the sleeves bunching - if you look in the 'side' picture the sleeves aren't actually bunching, they appear to bunch but it is simply the 'crappyness' of the MT Trial Fabric - if you bend your arm just once it will be severely creased for the rest of the...
Just to add to Journeyman's comments on MTM Shirts, I spoke to a Herringbone rep regarding their current MTO Shirt deal (Buy two get a third free) who informed me they have Thomas Mason cloth starting at $199 (four price points, going upward). 2 x $200 = 400 For 3 shirts = $133 a shirt. Could be a option for you. My only issue was that she said everyone in store now was "trained" for MTO shirts....which I am not comfortable with. I would prefer a well regarded...
How much wider is the thigh in APC Rescues? My New Standards are getting way too tight on the thigh as my legs grow. Would it look ridiculous to buy the Rescues and taper the leg from the knee down? Would the increased rise and lower back pockets effect the look negatively? I need the waist of 34, thighs of a 36 (currently wearing Sz30 APC NS).
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