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Thank you both for your replies. I do appreciate the help.I have not tried the conditioner on the Aquilas as they are very soft to begin with, so I can't see it making a huge difference.My Cheaney Leadenhall's are a 9F...which feel like they have a really nice amount of room (definitely not tight, and they feel great) so I'm not sure I'd want to go down a size for the sake of more width. They feel quite a bit more 'roomy' than the Aquila's do which is probably a reflection...
I've spent the past hour analyzing all my shoes and trying to work out why my Aquilas hurt my right foot but none of my other shoes do. You see, I want to splash out and purchase some Herring Churchill (see link): However I'm concerned that the closed lacing on the oxford style shoe will 'suffocate' my foot a bit and aggravate this annoying...
FXH I have a wedding coming up in a few weeks. Do you mind linking to a picture of said 'nice mid grey' suit that you feel appropriate for weddings? I was originally thinking a navy self stripe - but would rather wear mid grey as I feel the self stripe is a little corporate.
So I bought some Cheaney's a few weeks ago - worn about 4 times now. They seem to be pretty comfortable so far, but I'm wondering if calf leather will soften over time much - they do seem quite 'tough'?
I have a Bayswater Peacoat with the Thinsulate. It's amazing. Worth every cent.
Did I see a Sydney SF member in the Wynyard tunnel (near the entrance at Kent Street - walking toward the station). Asian guy, brown suede loafers/mocs, sockless with double cuffed jeans, potentially white shirt and mid grey sweater? I've seen the same guy before wearing a grey suit, tie with tie clip and pocket square. Always looking sharp - could be a SFer...
Which thumb knuckle are we talking about....sounds awfully long. Best of luck. These aren't exactly 'stylish' but if you want durable then this is definitely it. I have two. The 1.5 and the 3 and use them for travel/gym/weekend trips. They have never missed a beat.
I'm totally keen for pre-sales! Definitely...!
Man I have some APC NS in size 30 and they are awesome...but a word about the thighs - I have 55cm thighs and in the size 30 they are TIGHT. But in the waist they are almost a bit loose.How do you find the thighs in the weird guys?
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