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Will try and get one up over the next few days.
http://www.herringshoes.co.uk/product-info.php?selectedColourid=2452&brandid=6&catid=43&shoeid=4596&selectedSizeid=0&selectedFitid=0 I just got those, used their twitter code and yes - I did get the premium shoe trees. Brilliance at its best. Great shoes, great shoe trees and shipping for $350AUD. Poor mans C&Js?
Have any of you guys tried Ganton Bespoke?
I'm loving this burgundy tie!
Hey CEP How wide is the Zegna Pique weave (second from the left). Also - How 'navy' are these? They all look quite bright blue to me...is there a flash on? Is the Herringbone with Brown spots also the 8cm standard Herringbone width? Cheers
http://www.otticanet.it/Bad luck mate...Lot's of decent feedback about this site around. Seem quite reasonably priced to me.
Charlie - the cream and navy looks the part. Looking forward to seeing the full range!
Howard's World of Storage (or something of that name - franchise) will have a few options for you.I got a nice slide out one from there last year.
This thread is some kind of Eurasian melting pot...and I love it. On my bucket list for sure. I'm a huge fan.
Just to add to Journeyman's comments on MTM Shirts, I spoke to a Herringbone rep regarding their current MTO Shirt deal (Buy two get a third free) who informed me they have Thomas Mason cloth starting at $199 (four price points, going upward). 2 x $200 = 400 For 3 shirts = $133 a shirt. Could be a option for you. My only issue was that she said everyone in store now was "trained" for MTO shirts....which I am not comfortable with. I would prefer a well regarded...
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