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Just checked - the toe cap is fine in real life Must be the photo?As for being too elongated. I don't think so. I'm 6ft 1 so I feel that it all looks in proportion...but i don't have super slim leg openings because my legs are very large and I don't rock the super slim suit trouser look (I need to stop training legs...).
Yep, 11028 last.I'm not sure how exactly to answer this. What do you want to know?Cheers
Yeah it's not too bad, I don't want oxfords though unfortunately.
I will third that. I really need some light blue shirts....
Someone was asking earlier in the week for me to post up a photo of my new Herring Chamberlain's. As promised here they are! (I decided to upload a photo of my Cheaney Leadenhall's too, seeing as they are a different style on exactly the same last). Hope this helps whoever was looking for captoes! Brown ones are the Herring Chamberlain's and black ones are the Cheaney's.
Will try and get one up over the next few days.
http://www.herringshoes.co.uk/product-info.php?selectedColourid=2452&brandid=6&catid=43&shoeid=4596&selectedSizeid=0&selectedFitid=0 I just got those, used their twitter code and yes - I did get the premium shoe trees. Brilliance at its best. Great shoes, great shoe trees and shipping for $350AUD. Poor mans C&Js?
Have any of you guys tried Ganton Bespoke?
I'm loving this burgundy tie!
Hey CEP How wide is the Zegna Pique weave (second from the left). Also - How 'navy' are these? They all look quite bright blue to me...is there a flash on? Is the Herringbone with Brown spots also the 8cm standard Herringbone width? Cheers
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