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Thanks. I fear this is the case. I'm sure a trip to the UK/Italy would turn up some good-value, mid quality, well fitting suits...however with the limited time I have the price to get there basically brings P Johnson back into the picture... Hmmm.
I'm definitely not being wed any time soon but I also wouldn't mind a few more suiting option suggestions.Anything other than P Johnson, Herringbone and R&B that are worth checking out?Price range = cheaper than P Johnson if possible.
Very interested to hear about your J.Crew suit.Which one is it? If it is current season could you please post a link?And the most pressing question of mine....is it fused or half canvassed?
Nice!Are they Herringbone Sydney Chinos? Pretty sure I have the same ones...although I may have tapered mine a bit more.
Thanks for your help!So far, the talcum powder didn't work.I will need to sit down tomorrow night muck around for a bit and see if i can get the shoe to squeak by hand...
Definitely trying this tomorrow! Will report back for any other squeakers...
Soo....what's the first step in fixing the issue?
Guys - how on earth do I get my socks to stop squeaking against the soles in my shoes? Happens on both my Cheaney's and my Herrings.... Do I need a super thin fabric innersole? I feel like it's my thin dress socks rubbing against the leather lining. People can hear me walk by around the office as I squeak along!
NewYorkRanger - I can't even begin to tell you how much better you look without the beard man. This has transformed your look man! Love it.
I'd like a blue suit that's "not quire navy". Perhaps a bit like this:http://patrickjohnsontailors.tumblr.com/post/4075064843/loro-piana-the-wave-drakes-herringboneOr this....http://patrickjohnsontailors.tumblr.com/post/4050593155/loro-piana-the-wave-drakes-navy-twill-thomasand potentially a shirt if I can deal with the financial commitment...I don't earn enough!
New Posts  All Forums: