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Guys - how on earth do I get my socks to stop squeaking against the soles in my shoes? Happens on both my Cheaney's and my Herrings.... Do I need a super thin fabric innersole? I feel like it's my thin dress socks rubbing against the leather lining. People can hear me walk by around the office as I squeak along!
NewYorkRanger - I can't even begin to tell you how much better you look without the beard man. This has transformed your look man! Love it.
I'd like a blue suit that's "not quire navy". Perhaps a bit like this: this.... potentially a shirt if I can deal with the financial commitment...I don't earn enough!
I'm in!I rang the other day but he's closed up shop until the 10th (says the message service...which I figure might just be his wife?)On the 10th I will ring. Super excited!
Depending on your budget, and whether you want raw denim or not I can recommend APC New Standards (Similar cut to a Levis 501).There is a huge thread on APC Denim on the forum and you can try them on at Incu and buy them online.
Likewise. Massive knot.
Now we just need him to make more stock of the Cumbria belt in 34"!
They aren't my size but I'd be interested in hearing how expensive it was to ship them back to Herring, and also who with? Please let us know. I'm sometimes hesitant to order cause I can't find a cheap way to return them...
How come there is 1.2 inches in difference in the thighs per the self-edge site and the 3sixteen site?!
Will lower rise jeans be looser/larger in the thigh? My Size 30 New Standards are getting too tight in the thighs and butt (too many squats?). I'm looking for a solution without going broke.
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