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How thick are we talking?Too thick for an Australian winter even?
Beat the crowds to the Herringbone Warehouse Sale in Sydney tomorrow and picked up two nice suits! (One pinstripe/chalkstripe navy and one mid blue with light blue PoW check) both 2 button. They had plenty of sizes so head out there quick smart if you're looking for something new on the cheap.
I hear RM Williams are good at resoleing - but obviously they aren't about to do my Cheaney's etc.BRB getting Topy'ed...
Do you guys put topy soles on all your shoes? Or only when the leather sole starts to wear?
Thanks. I fear this is the case. I'm sure a trip to the UK/Italy would turn up some good-value, mid quality, well fitting suits...however with the limited time I have the price to get there basically brings P Johnson back into the picture... Hmmm.
I'm definitely not being wed any time soon but I also wouldn't mind a few more suiting option suggestions.Anything other than P Johnson, Herringbone and R&B that are worth checking out?Price range = cheaper than P Johnson if possible.
Very interested to hear about your J.Crew suit.Which one is it? If it is current season could you please post a link?And the most pressing question of it fused or half canvassed?
Thanks for your help!So far, the talcum powder didn't work.I will need to sit down tomorrow night muck around for a bit and see if i can get the shoe to squeak by hand...
Definitely trying this tomorrow! Will report back for any other squeakers...
Soo....what's the first step in fixing the issue?
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