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Afternoon Gents, Can anyone recommend where I could buy some Australian winter (Sydney) weight appropriate flannels? Epaulet have a nice looking pair of oxford mid greys but not in my size and they advise that they aren't making anymore... They do have dark charcoal in my size but I'm not sure what I could wear these with - they don't seem quite as versatile being very dark? Keen for advice as usual!
Can anyone advise how much the thigh stretches in the SL? I'm hoping up to 0.5 of an inch?
The quality is not amazing but not that bad either - I would say on par with Country Road.As for the prices - that's a load of rubbish - I can't believe the price rise!!!In reference to 3sixteen - I'm very keen to try the SL-100X to replace my pair of APC New Standards which have had 2 years of solid wear and are blowing in the crotch BUT I would not say that they are HIGH rise...they seem very similar in cut to the New Standard...
Good idea - might just get a plain blue $60 one and see how it goes with the changes - hopefully after this I won't need any more. The only thing holding me back from the $40 price point is that they seem to be a cotton blend, and I would prefer pure cotton if possible.
What do you think - maybe add 2 cm in the chest and take 4cm out of the waist?Do you reckon I need to add anything to the shoulders?
Good afternoon gents. I'm hoping some of you guys could give me a bit of a fit critique. This is my second CottonWork shirt ($75 facbric - not too bad but not Thomas Mason...that's for sure). The only change I made from my first one is reducing the waist by 2cm. What would you guys do to make this fit better? I feel that it's quite billowy at the back and doesn't tuck in particularly nicely - how do I rectify this? Would there be any value in getting darts put...
How thick are we talking?Too thick for an Australian winter even?
Beat the crowds to the Herringbone Warehouse Sale in Sydney tomorrow and picked up two nice suits! (One pinstripe/chalkstripe navy and one mid blue with light blue PoW check) both 2 button. They had plenty of sizes so head out there quick smart if you're looking for something new on the cheap.
I hear RM Williams are good at resoleing - but obviously they aren't about to do my Cheaney's etc.BRB getting Topy'ed...
Do you guys put topy soles on all your shoes? Or only when the leather sole starts to wear?
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