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I can appreciate the hard work but you're right - they are not meant to look immaculate...each to their own, and congratulations on learning this technique - I remember spit shining my boots for Australian Army Cadets for hours and hours and hours just to have the shiniest in my platoon when I was younger - quite a way to relax.
FYI, on their Facebook page the other day they told another customer that they did not offer the Osaka in MTM.
Gerry! What are the model of those new boots? I can't see them on The Armoury site? They are delicious. Also - for those who were thinking my suit was ruined after my indiscretions on Friday night. It is alive and well - sleeve is still a bit crushed where I was frantically trying to remove the stains before dry cleaning - but the good sir that took it from me certainly wasn't lying when he said he thought it would be fine! Also - smells amazing, whatever they're using...
Sounds excellent Jason. Here's hoping they are a suitable fit for me
Sh*t.Great story - pity about your suit.Now I'm even more worried about mine.I don't care about the smell - that is easily fixed, its the chance of permanent stains that is concerning me.I guess I just have to wait until I pick the suit up tomorrow night to see if I just wasted my favorite and newest suit...
We all do stupid things at some point. One of my stupid things just happened to involve one of my Herringbone suits...(mid blue PoW check.) Yep...threw up all over the sleeve. Has anyone had any experience (hopefully successful), removing alcohol induced vomit stains from a suit. I cleaned it up as best I could on the night and did a pretty decent job yesterday - took it to the dry cleaners this morning who said he would 'treat it' before putting it through. He seemed...
Have you thought about sizing charts for the shirts?I want to make a Cottonwork order but if you could maybe provide what measurements of each size would be I might hold out and get some from you instead.
Jason - are you planning to offer MTM shirts?
I will investigate the de-pocketing on Thursday when they are finished at the tailor's (for now...).I think the plaid shirt would be good with the pockets, but if they come off they will certainly turn into work pants to pair with navy sports coat and knit/wool tie.
They had quite a few pairs left when I bought mine - and are clearly old stock, having the normal HB $100 tag for discounted trousers, and then the $50 tag for 'This is so old, GET SOLD already'.I tried on 32 and 34s so definitely had both of those - which I believe you are - pretty sure you wear a 40 HB suit...I like your idea of wearing them as winter casuals/weekend wear.Oxford button down layered with a v-neck is my current 'main' idea.FXH - definitely agree with this...
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