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Has anyone got any casual boot recommendations? I want something that I can wear with jeans and chinos. I was thinking the Herring Stratford - quite reasoably priced at 190GBP. Does anyone know of any similarly priced wing-tipped brogue boots. These Grenson's are awesome but unfortunately they're two sizes too...
Hahaha - I read that the first time, saw that 'wear' should be 'where'. Thought to myself "Yeah pretty amusing".Then I read it a second time....LOL.
Wow, didn't mean to open that can of worms... My views on brown shoes: -I don't generally see clients when wearing brown shoes (only a few times that come to mind, one client is let me think..."pastoral". I turned up in brown shoes, chinos and navy sports coat - my boss turned up in a suit without tie - this is in rural Australia...I would say I probably fit in quite a bit thoughts are to dress appropriately for the situation) -I have worn a suit and brown...
The C&J Dark Brown is a very different colour to the mahogany (pictured in my original post).For the Dark Brown Hallam's I use C&Js own brand 'Dark Brown' polish which you can get from Pediwear (shipping is more than the polish if that's all you're getting!).For the Mahogany Herring's I use Herring's 'Mid Brown' polish which they supplied with the shoes.
These are mine.1). I love the 11028 last - not too pointy, not to round.2). The mahogany does appear a little lighter in sunlight. I have worn them with grey and blue suits but tend to wear C&J 'Dark Brown' Hallams instead (conservative workplace...)Hope that helps.
Blahman may I ask what industry you work in?
Who do you guys recommend for a Topy and toe tap in Sydney CBD? - and how much are you paying? The toe on my new C&Js is wearing - FAST.
Great choice on the Churchills. I love the 11028 last - got two pairs on it. Brilliant.
I can appreciate the hard work but you're right - they are not meant to look immaculate...each to their own, and congratulations on learning this technique - I remember spit shining my boots for Australian Army Cadets for hours and hours and hours just to have the shiniest in my platoon when I was younger - quite a way to relax.
FYI, on their Facebook page the other day they told another customer that they did not offer the Osaka in MTM.
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