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Cool - I have a growing taste for button cuffs too. Completely agree agree that doubles without a tie look a bit off. I tend to avoid it at all costs.
Jason, will the shirts have button cuffs or french?
These are mine.1). I love the 11028 last - not too pointy, not to round.2). The mahogany does appear a little lighter in sunlight. I have worn them with grey and blue suits but tend to wear C&J 'Dark Brown' Hallams instead (conservative workplace...)Hope that helps.
Blahman may I ask what industry you work in?
If you need someone to test any further samples Jason, I'm in (measurements pending of course). Happy to pay full price etc too!
Who do you guys recommend for a Topy and toe tap in Sydney CBD? - and how much are you paying? The toe on my new C&Js is wearing - FAST.
Great choice on the Churchills. I love the 11028 last - got two pairs on it. Brilliant.
I can appreciate the hard work but you're right - they are not meant to look immaculate...each to their own, and congratulations on learning this technique - I remember spit shining my boots for Australian Army Cadets for hours and hours and hours just to have the shiniest in my platoon when I was younger - quite a way to relax.
FYI, on their Facebook page the other day they told another customer that they did not offer the Osaka in MTM.
Gerry! What are the model of those new boots? I can't see them on The Armoury site? They are delicious. Also - for those who were thinking my suit was ruined after my indiscretions on Friday night. It is alive and well - sleeve is still a bit crushed where I was frantically trying to remove the stains before dry cleaning - but the good sir that took it from me certainly wasn't lying when he said he thought it would be fine! Also - smells amazing, whatever they're using...
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