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I honestly still don't understand why they wanted to kill Clooney? What did he even do wrong...they needed to explain that better, to me there was no real motive to have him killed.
I laughed out loud when I read that the OP told a girl that he wouldn't try to have sex with. This is a self fulfilling prophecy!
Quote: Originally Posted by whatever123 whats with this taper the taper trend? are you super tall and have larger feet? haha i'm not asking to taper the taper.... i want something more tapered as well as the New Standards
I currently have some New Standards and love them, but I want something with a more tapered leg to wear for a more 'dressy' look (read: italian dress shoes etc). Would I be best with Petite Standards or New Cures? Also, I bought the New Standards in size 30 and after a month of wear (just about every day) they are pretty relaxed (when i got them they were super tight on my waste and thighs... Should I go for a 29 in the Petite Standards/New Cures or stick to a 30?
Quote: Originally Posted by max_r most people like to leave them long and let them stack on their shoes, though this is hard to do when they're new, because the denim is so stiff it doesn't really like to fold, and instead just bunches up at the knees and whatnot. after a month or so it loosens up and stacks easily though. if you dont want stacking, feel free to hem whenever you want, but be advised that after washing it will shrink up to an inch in...
First post here! I just bought some APC New Standards and they appear to be very long in the leg (inseam i think?). Is it advisable to wear them for a while before getting them altered or should i alter them straight up?
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