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Fellas,Thanks for all the feedback on bags.I went to Hunt Leather yesterday and had a look at a few bags. I was particularly taken by a really nice Barantani briefcase, and an Il Bisonte 'envelope brief'.Unfortuantely, I don't really want to spend the $995 for the Barantani or the $795 for the Il Bisonte - does anyone know international stockists who sell these at non-Australian inflated retail prices?I haven't had much luck asking my friend Google...
What do you guys carry (bag-wise). Your thoughts on briefcases would be appreciated - I need to carry a bit of lunch and various documents, but nothing too thick - maybe 4-5" thickness. I'm currently carrying a shoulder/messenger back (Oroton...which is quite nice) - but it has no "hand grab" and i'm concerned i'll ruin my suits. I've been thinking about a Filson 256 in brown, do you think that would go well with various suits or is it just too casual. I like the otter...
Interesting feedback. Thanks guys. Looks I won't need to 'time' my purchase
How mid do you like your mid?There were a few pairs of 'light to mid' grey flannel trousers with patch pockets at the Herringbone Warehouse in Surry Hills for $99.
I agree...but with the Christmas sales this year bound to be huge after further dismal retail results I am wondering whether he will need to have a smallish sale to compete with all the other suit options.
So - has P Johnson ever had a Christmas sale?
The US / Asia.Sorry I had too...Perhpas try them on in store and buy your size online? I would probably do that.
Are the UK made and Indian made sized the same.Can I safely go to DJs, get my size and then order online from the UK?
Don't suppose any of those 7 HB suits are 40s? If so, please let me know! Very, very interested!
Wore my new mid-grey HB Osaka block suit yesterday for the first time. Loving the beltless style. Way cleaner looking than with a belt me thinks! The side tabs are kinda cool too.
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